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Emails Log: How to Monitor your School's Emails

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As an administrator, you can automate your school's email notifications to save time. A few times, though, it is essential to track communication with users to monitor their progress or activity closely. This is an action you can do so via the Emails logs of your school.

To monitor your school's emails, go to Reports → Activity logs, and click on Emails. In the Email logs you can:

1. Check the total number of emails sent.

2. From the drop-down menu, choose a search option to filter results (with options like Subscribed, log in as a User, User Enrolled to Seat offering).

3. To track a learner’s email activity you may use the search option by entering their name or e-mail and hitting Enter.

4. You can also Remove filter after your searches.

5. Hover over to the left of a user, and under the three dots, click to preview the email that the user has received.

Emails logs, as a reporting tool, can be used daily to track a glimpse of the users’ progress in unlocking sections, bundle sales, subscription statuses, certificates awarded, and assignments graded by your instructors, and of course, to make sure that the emails are being sent without an issue. 

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