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How to Verify your School with Facebook Domain Verification

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Facebook provides various methods for verifying your LearnWorlds school’s domain. The easiest method to implement is adding a meta tag to the <head> section of your domain home page.

In this article, we will learn how to verify your LearnWorlds school with Facebook domain verification. To start the process:

1. Go to your Facebook account’s Business Settings and click on the Domains option under the Brand Safety section. If you have set up multiple accounts, choose the proper one from the dropdown at the top left and click on Add.

2. On the popup that appears, fill in your school’s URL and click on Add.

3. A new Not Verified Domain record will be created, for which you are prompted to select a verification method ("Verify your domain" dropdown).

Select the "Add a meta tag to your HTML source code" option and follow the enlisted verification instructions.

4. Copy and paste the produced meta-tag to your school’s custom code editor in both the <head> logged in (HTML) and <head> logged out (HTML) slots and click Update.    

5. Check in your school’s source code that the meta-tag is properly added.

6. Click Verify Domain in your Facebook account. Your domain should now be verified.

- If you want to know more about Facebook’s Domain Verification, check this article.

- Based on the Meta Business Help Center, you can’t verify a subdomain or subdirectory. If you enter a subdomain or subdirectory, you’ll receive an error message. For example, “” would be a subdomain of “”, and "" is a subdirectory. The only time you’ll need to verify a subdomain is when you are selling on Facebook Commerce. You can’t verify a subdomain to configure events for Aggregated Event Measurement.”

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