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How to Prepare your iOS App for Submission

To allow our team to submit your mobile app to Apple's App Store, you would need the following:

  1.  An Apple Developer account.
  2.  Grant access to our developer account.
  3.  Locate the information needed for setting up your app.

In this article we will learn how to prepare your iOS app for submission.

Create an Apple Developer Account (Οrganization)

If you do not already have an organization developer account, it is required to create one. If you want to learn more, check this article.

To publish your app through Learnworlds, you must join the Apple Developer Program with an organizational account. If you enroll as an individual, you won't be able to add Learnworlds to your developer account.

Grant Access to our Developer Account

We need access to submit your mobile app for App Store review and publish it. You may navigate to in order to add our account as a user that has the Admin role and give access to Certificates, Identifiers.

1. Click on the plus widget (+) to add a user.

2. Choose the Admin role and Invite (in addition, be sure that Access to Certificates is selected).

Make sure to also check the Access to Cloud Managed Developer ID Certificate permission.

There are also a few extra steps it is required to complete, as you are the account holder:

1. Navigate here and select "Users and Access".

2. Select "Keys".

3. Click on "Request Access" on the "App Store Connect API".

Do not generate the API key afterward, our team will generate it for you.

4. Make sure to navigate here and set up all agreements until they are "Active". Both "Free Apps" and "Paid Apps" agreements need to be active for our team to submit your iOS App for the final review

5. Lastly, the Digital Services Act in the EU requires Apple to verify and display trader contact information for all traders who may distribute content in the EU. You will need to complete the Compliance Requirements by selecting the "non-traded provider account" option.

As soon as you finalize this step. inform us so we can proceed.

Locate Information needed for setting up your App

Once you set up your application at your school, you will also be asked to provide the following information:

  1. App Developer Team ID
  2. Entity Name

Navigate to and locate the Entity Name and Team ID.

Apple has changed the rules for Individual Accounts, and they can no longer give access to the Certificates & Provisioning Profiles to other Admin accounts. This is necessary for us to submit your applications. Therefore, you need to create an organization account.

Provide the Information to our Development Team

As you have gathered all the necessary information, the only part of the process left is to add it to your LearnWorlds school, so that our team can access it and proceed with the publication process

Navigate to Mobile App  Stores Setup and choose the App Store tab. 

1. Enable the Submit App.

2. Paste your Team ID.

3. Add your Team’s name.

4. The App-Specific Shared Secret will be added by our team.

5. Choose the Store’s language. 

Note: You can choose only one language. Thus, you should opt for your local language or English to reach a wider audience. However, if your school is translated into your local language instead of English, it would be better to choose your target market’s language instead, as your courses will appeal to them only. 

6. Set the Copyright holder. As your new application is 100% white-labeled, you should add your firm name in this field. If you don’t have a company name, you can proceed with adding your full name as the copyright holder of your application.

7. Choose your application’s Primary Category. You can choose your application's primary category here; however, you should make sure to abide by the App Store’s rules. 

8Choose your app’s Secondary Category. You can find detailed instructions on how to choose your app’s category along with use case scenarios in this article.

You can choose the translations of your application’s listing in different languages. These translations will apply if the user’s store language is different from your default one. You will need to fill in the necessary fields at least for your store’s language and for any additional languages that you wish these details to be translated to. For languages that you have not provided translations for, your default store language properties will apply. 

For every language, you can have different privacy, support, marketing, and promotional URLs or, if you do not have a translated version of them, including your regular ones. 


  • On the Name field, you will need to add a title similar to your LearnWorlds school name. You can check whether your chosen name is available here:
  • In the Mobile app full description field, it is very important to be as thorough as possible in describing your school's mobile app and main features.

Fill in the content rating questionnaire

Lastly, a part of the standard review process of the App Store is to check the application's purpose. Answer the question in English. Try to be as articulate as possible and include all the details necessary for a complete understanding of the matter of the question.

Don’t forget to click on Save before advancing to the next step of the process!

Once you have prepared your iOS app for submission, you will need to create and select a user for app reviewer by following the steps here.

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