MailChimp allows you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns and is used by more than 10 million people and businesses around the world.
MailChimp is a complete email marketing solution that allows users to complete transparency of campaigns, email tracking, view success, and click-through rates, generate custom reports, manage subscribers, and un-subscribers.

Integrating LearnWorlds with MailChimp following a few easy steps allows you to easily create lists for the students of your school and target them with your email campaigns.  

1 Click to "Settings" - "Integrations" - "Email marketing":

2 Click on the "MailChimp"  tab and then check the "Activate" box.

3 Then click on "Connect to MailChimp ".

4 You will be redirected to a new page where you should insert your Mailchimp account credentials.

After your successful Log In you will be redirected back to your school where you should click on "Save"

5 On a daily basis at 6 am UTC, your lists are synchronized automatically. However, you can click on "Send everything to Mailchimp" in case you want to update your MailChimp lists during the day (and they will have all the latest info about your LearnWorlds users, leads, and their courses).

Sending your lists to MailChimp is recommended the first time you set up the MailChimp integration, as well as before running a new campaign. "Merge tags" (variables) will be updated so that you can create in Mailchimp advanced segments for your email marketing.synchronize your students with your MailChimp mail list.

6 Click "Save changes" to finish the integration process.

Remember to bring your MailChimp lists over to your LearnWorlds school: 

Keep in mind that every time you rename a list in your MailChimp account, you need to click on the "Get my Mailchimp lists" button again, for the updated (renamed) lists to show up in your LearnWorlds school, in order to be able to sync your LearnWorlds contacts with your MailChimp lists.

Note: You can further personalize your emails and re-target your campaigns by adding the following Merge Tags. Remember that the Merge tags should be Optional and NOT Required.

A.Basic Merge Tags

B.Merge tags referring to all the sign-up fields

C.Merge tags of"subscription only" schools.

In order for MailChimp to accept these MERGE TAGS you must first add them to a list. This support article explains how this can be achieved. If you follow it up to step 4 you should be on a page that resembles the following:


Once here, by clicking the Add A Field button you should be given the option to select the type of field you would like to add.

You can cross-check what type of tag to select through the following table, which can be found in your MailChimp Integration tab under Improve your integration (note the integration must be active).

As an example, we added a REGISTERED date tag. Once selected you should see something that resembles the image below.

You may change the Untitled text to anything you want (I have changed it to Registered) and change the MMERGE3 tag to REGISTERED (the merge tag as shown in the table two images ago)

Note: When creating a List for your new signed-up users please remember to set the following fields as "Not Required" : COURSES and
COURSESNUM field. These fields should only be required for a list referring to enrolled to courses users.

After clicking Save Changes you will have successfully added a new merge tag to your list! This means that on your next list sync from LearnWorlds, MailChimp will accept the tags you added.


Now you can use these tags in your MailChimp emails (ex. Thank you for registering on *|REGISTERED|*) or even segment your list in order to send the email campaign only to users that have registered after a certain date (guide found here).

Another handy option is to import your leads to a MailChimp list. Just add all of your leads captured on your landing page (e.g. through "Get Email" templates) to the selected list. Your leads will automatically be added to this Mailchimp list once they submit their e-mail.

 Remember that in order to capture leads, you should add a "Email Grabber" sections to your pages.