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How to Integrate Zoom with your LearnWorlds School

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LearnWorlds incorporates live Zoom sessions as a key component of your course activities, leveraging the widespread popularity of Zoom for teleconferencing, particularly in the context of online education.

There are two types of learning activities offered:

  • Zoom Meetings, where the instructors or the school admin can schedule a Zoom meeting 

  • Zoom Webinars, where the instructors or the school admin can schedule a Zoom webinar.

Users enrolled in courses with Zoom meetings/webinar learning activities can join your meeting through the LearnWorlds platform, with no need to download and install the Zoom client; everything happens within the course player.

In this article, we will learn how to connect and set up Zoom accounts in LearnWorlds. 

Connect your Zoom Account

In the Pro Trainer plan, you can connect to one Zoom Account, whilst in the Learning Center plan or higher, you can connect multiple Zoom accounts. To connect your Zoom account:

1. Go to Settings  Integrations Live Sessions and click on Activate to enable the Zoom integration.

2. Choose whether you wish to Enable Instructors to connect their own Zoom accounts (available in our Learning Center plans or higher).

3. Click on Add account.

4. This will take you to the Zoom Sign-in form to log in with your credentials.

5When you sign in with your Zoom account details, you will be asked to Authorize the “LearnWorlds Meetings” application.

You are ready to start creating Zoom Meetings and Webinars within your LearnWorlds courses and share them with your students. 

If you are using a company Zoom account and you have the credentials of a simple user, then you will need the LearnWorlds App to be pre-approved by your company’s Zoom admin in the Zoom Marketplace (i.e., you need the approval of your team’s Zoom admin to install the LearnWorlds Zoom App).

Once your Zoom account is connected with your online school,  you can associate it with one instructor (Pro Trainer plan or higher) or more of your school's instructors (Learning Center plan or higher).

Connect Multiple Zoom Accounts

In the Learning Center or higher plans, we also provide the option to connect multiple Ζoom accounts. Follow the previous steps to connect additional Zoom accounts. 

Assign Instructors to Zoom Accounts

An instructor can also connect a Zoom account and create Zoom meetings/webinars via the instructor dashboard (available on Learning Center plans or higher) if the admin has enabled the “Instructor accounts” field on the Live session page.

Instructors can click on Live Sessions in their Dashboard to connect to their Zoom account. 

Note: Admins cannot set up a new class using an instructor account meanwhile it’s in use.

Uninstall the Zoom App

If you want to disconnect your Zoom account from LearnWorlds, you will need to login into your Zoom account first and click on Disconnect.

You will be sent to the Zoom Marketplace if you are not logged in with your Zoom account. Sign in and then visit the Installed Apps page. Browse for the LearnWorlds Meetings app and click Uninstall.

When the uninstall process is completed, the Zoom accounts will be deactivated on your “Live session” page, and relevant learning activities will get unassigned.

Known Limitations

There are some known limitations related to web integration of the Ζoom SDK:

  • Zoom polls are not supported.
  • Zoom web components currently fully support Chrome or Chromium-based browsers. 
  • Administrators (Zoom Hosts) will not be able to promote a student to a panelist if he/she has joined the webinar from within the web browser. 
  • Gallery view is not available (it is not supported by Zoom's web control).
  • Buttons' functionalities, like the one that expands to full screen, depend entirely on Zoom.
  • Admins are not able to start a Zoom meeting via their mobile devices.
Any user facing these problems can bypass them by enabling the “Join URL” setting on the related learning activity, so the participants can join the meeting via the native Zoom desktop or mobile client.
  • Zoom meetings come with an expiration date. More specifically,  a non-recurring meeting ID will expire 30 days after the meeting is scheduled, whereas a recurring meeting ID will expire 365 days after the meeting is started on the last occurrence. In the case you wish to deliver the same live session as a learning activity to your learners, it will be necessary to recreate the Zoom meeting ID.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it possible to create multiple Live Sessions?

Yes, and we encourage you to do that; that’s why we have created the “Live Sessions” page. There you can review and manage your multiple Live Sessions. Be careful not to schedule Zoom meetings/Webinars simultaneously with the same account. If you need to schedule meetings simultaneously, you can use multiple Zoom accounts (available with the Learning Center plans or higher).

2. What can I do if the web-based Zoom client isn’t working for all of my students?

You can always turn on the “Join URL” option and propose to your troubled students to connect through the Zoom native client.

3. Can I connect different Zoom accounts for different course instructors?

Multiple Zoom accounts are available in our Learning Center plans or higher.

4. Can I have Zoom Breakout rooms? 

Breakout rooms are supported in our Zoom integration, with the limits imposed by Zoom.

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