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How to Create an Instructor Account

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In LearnWorlds, you can choose to assign different User Roles (Administrative, Instructional, Reporting, Μanagement), so you control their access to your school (available in our Learning Center plans or higher). 

Regarding the Instructional roles, having several Instructor accounts can be very handy in distributing the workload. An instructor in LearnWorlds is a user role with permissions to create, and manage courses, including uploading content and interacting with students in their assigned courses. They can be assigned by an admin and have access to various tools for course creation and student engagement.

Add an Instructor

1. Navigate to Users  User Roles and click on Instructors.

2. Click Add Instructor.

2. In the popup that appears:

a. Add the Username of the Instructor.

b. Add the email. 

c. Assign the "Instructor" role.

Note: Only the Instructor Role can be selected in the Pro Trainer plan. For our Learning Center plans or higher, you can assign a predefined or custom-created instructional ρole with certain permissions. If you want more information, check this article.

d. Assign the Courses from the drop-down menu.

If the instructional level assigned role has the permission to “Create a course,” then it is not mandatory to assign courses to this user. The user with the “Create a course” permission is auto-assigned (with 0% commission) to all the courses they will create.

e. If the instructor gets a share of the course revenue, you can specify their percentage. Otherwise, you can leave the field empty. 

f. Add tags, if needed, to organize your Users better. 

g. Allow Marketing Cookies or not, depending on your GDPR settings.

h. Apply validation rules or not, according to your Sign-up settings. 

3. Click Add Instructor

- You can also update a userwhile assigning the Instructor Role.

- An activation e-mailwill be sent automatically to the new user, asking them to set up a password for the account.

- A course can have multiple instructors. If a course has multiple instructors, videos that are being uploaded to the video library can only be edited by the same instructor who has uploaded them; however, video statistics will be visible to everyone. Videos from other instructors will not be available for editing. Compared with video learning activities, all instructors can further edit them.

Assign a new course to an instructor

There may be a case where you would like to assign new courses to an existing instructor.  

1. Navigate to Users  All users, hover over Manage on the instructor you wish, and click on Edit User.

2. Navigate to Users  User Roles,  and click on Instructional. Hover over the three dots next to the instructor you wish, and click on Edit User

In the popup that appears, click on Add another course under Assigned Courses to add a new course or click on the bin if you wish to remove a course. 

Note: Schools with the Learning Center plans or higher can also change the Instructor role to a different predefined or custom one under the User Role field.

Manage instructors

From the Instructional Tab, you can view:

1. Current Instructors.

2. Their assigned role.

Only the Instructor Role can be selected in the Pro Trainer plan. Assigning a predefined or custom-created Instructional Role with certain permissions for our Learning Center plans or higher is feasible. For more information, you check this article.

3. Their latest login date. 

4. Their assigned courses. 

5. The manage drop-down menu, with options such as deleting the user, resetting the password, etc. If you want more information, check this article.

Unassign instructors

If you want to unassign an instructor, you can only do this by clicking on the Edit User setting under Users All users and changing the User Role to a different one (e.g., user). If you want more information, check the steps in this article

Calculate the instructor revenue for course bundles

The revenue share percentages are just for calculations since the revenue is automatically calculated for each instructor. Revenue is being calculated automatically for each instructor for the course sale, course manual enrollment, and bundle sales; however, instructors will not receive any revenue share for subscription sales.

If you would like to have a better view of how they are calculated, let's assume that you have a bundle X, and its price is $120. If a user purchases this bundle, they can access courses A, B, and C

The regular price of course A is $50, course B $60, and course C $70. The regular price of the courses is $180 ($50 + $60 + $70 = $180). Let's assume that course C has an instructor whose revenue is 30%. 
Course A is 50/180 of the price, course B is 60/180 and course C is 70/180, so the amount of course C will be $46,667 = ($70/$180)*$120 ($120 is the final price of the bundle), so the instructor's revenue will be 46,667*30% = $14

LearnWorlds calculates the instructor's revenue based on the instructor's percentage fee and on the final price  of a course, after taxes, and no automated payment will take place from within the platform. You will have to handle the payments outside of the platform.

Permissions available in Instructional Roles

There are available permissions that an Instructional role can have in your school (available for Pro trainer plans or higher). The permissions are available only for the courses that are assigned to each instructor. 

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