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How to Create an Instructor Account

Instructor accounts have full authoring control over one or more courses but they don't have access to any of the general platform settings, sales records, or student records that don't belong to that particular course. For security reasons, Instructors can author a course, set a selling price, and publish it but they can't create a new course in the first place (the school admin can create one or more empty draft courses for them and assign them as instructors).

Add instructor

1. Navigate to Users  Ιnstructors and click on Add Instructor.

or you can navigate to All users, hover over the three dots under Manage, and click on the user you want to Make Instructor.

2. A form appears in order to Assign an Instructor to courses. In the User account field, start typing @Username (if you clicked on Make instructor under Manage for a specific user, the user account will be pre-filled). 


  • These users will need to be registered to your school. Make sure that the user you select is not an Admin (Admin accounts cannot be assigned as Instructors, since they are already authors to all courses).
  • A course can have multiple instructors.

3. From the drop-down menu, select the course in which the user will become an instructor.

4. If the instructor gets a share of the course revenue, then you can also specify their percentage. Otherwise, you can leave it to zero.

5. Click on Add, to assign an instructor to a course. 

How to calculate the instructor revenue for course bundles

The revenue share percentages are just for calculations: revenue is being automatically calculated for each instructor. If you would like to have a better view of how they are calculated, let's assume that you have a bundle X and its price is $120. If a user purchases this bundle he has access to courses A, B, and C

The regular price of course A is $50, course B $60, and course C $70. The regular price of the courses is $180 ($50 + $60 + $70 = $180). Let's assume that course C has an instructor whose revenue is 30%. 
Course A is 50/180 of the price, course B is 60/180 and course C is 70/180 so the amount of course C will be $46,667 = ($70/$180)*$120 ($120 is the final price of the bundle) so the instructor's revenue will be 46,667*30% = $14


  • LearnWorlds simply calculates the instructor's revenue based on the instructor's percentage fee and no automated payment will take place from within the platform. You will have to handle the payments outside of the platform.
  • Revenue is being calculated automatically for each instructor for the course and bundle sales, however, instructors will not receive any revenue share for subscription sales.
  • Τhe instructors also receives revenue when a course enrollment takes place manually.

Assign a new course to an instructor

There may be a case where you would like to assign new courses to an existing instructor.  Click on Assign new course, by hovering over the three dots under Actions.

Delete instructor

If you want to remove an instructor, you are only able to do this by clicking Delete instructor, by hovering over the three dots under Actions, on the Instructors page. 

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