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Cookies Policy

The purpose of the "computer" cookies is to help your School keep track of your visits and activity. They are harmless bits of text that are locally stored and can easily be viewed and deleted by the user.

Why do you need the consent of your users for cookies?

In general, the majority of cookies are not used for marketing reasons, however, sometimes they can be used by third parties in order to identify the users’ activity, and therefore they are subject to the GDPR. Consequently, you need the users' consent to have them activated on their end. 

How can a user accept your school’s cookies?

1. Go to Settings → School Settings  →  Privacy/GDPR.

2. Select either GDPR Compliance for all users

3. Or under Custom Data Privacy management select the Show Cookies opt-in to users

Then a message will pop up when users are visiting your School, prompting them to accept the cookies by clicking on the “Got it!” button. Once clicked, the pop-up message will not appear again. 

In case the users wish to accept specific cookies and not all of them, they can click on the Accept individual cookies and choose the preferable cookies in the pop-up window among:

1. Functional

2. Analytics

3. Marketing 


  • Necessary cookies are obligatory as they are connected to the functionality of your website.
  • By clicking on the Got it button, users are accepting all the cookies.
  • To learn more about making your school GDPR compliant follow this link.

Cookie Policy Page

Before accepting the cookies, users can read all the needed information on your Cookies Policy page by clicking on the Learn more option. To help you out, LearnWorlds offers a default page for your cookie policy. Please note, however, that this text doesn't constitute legal advice. Make sure to customize the text to include your own business details and also, where required, to match your particular business needs. 

1. Go to Site Builder → Edit School Site

2. Go to the Pages Manager.  

3. Search for the Cookie Policy page.

There you can just replace the needed variables or even change the text.

How can a user change their Cookies settings?

When a user wants to change their cookie selection, they can achieve that by navigating to their profile page, and after clicking on the Edit button, to navigate in the Privacy Settings tab. For more information about what users can do in their profile, check this support article.

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