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How to Request Extra Transcription Time

Pro Trainer
Learning Center
High Volume & Corporate

Adding transcripts to videos is highly beneficial, offering users the opportunity to watch and read at the same time. This dual approach enhances engagement and comprehension. Moreover, clicking words in the transcript can instantly navigate learners to relevant sections of the video, improving understanding and retention. 

In LearnWorlds, you can add transcripts to your videos, as shown in this article. You can check how much available transcription time you have, depending on your plan, by navigating to Settings Video Transcription services.

  • In the Learning Center plan, you have 6 hours per month (Monthly plan) and 80 hours per year (Yearly plan) of transcription time available.
  • In the High-Volume plans, you have 20 hours per month (Monthly plan) and 300 hours per year (Yearly plan) of transcription time available. 

In case you need extra transcription time, you can contact our support team to ask for more. You can click the respective button directly or contact us through email at

Our transcription services are available only for videos hosted in the LearnWorlds video library.

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