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Site Navigation: How to Manage the Non-Paying Users & Payment Flow

At last, you are ready to share your knowledge with your new students! Your courses are filled with your precious material and you have opened the doors of your school to the new ones! But what if you do not wish to demonstrate every hot page or application to those still unsure if they are interested in purchasing your courses? How can you control the movement of the un-enrolled learners that enter your school? Once more, we have the answer to your questions right here!

1. Click on Site builder → Navigation.

2. In the Site Navigation tab, you can set your Home page and your Start Page (After Login page):

3. You can determine whether the payment page will be visible to non-registered users or school registration will be required before purchasing a product. 

The Payment Flow setting gives you the chance to bypass the sign-up process if a user presses the Enroll button, and make use of the 1-click-sales funnel functionality, where users register and complete the purchase in one step. You can find more information on our Payment page and 1-click sales funnel articles.

4. The Lock non-paying users gives you the chance to specify whether the users of your school who have made no purchases so far will be able to navigate freely to your pages, or not. Choose "Non-paying users can navigate through your school's pages, apps, and free course contents" and allow anyone to navigate through your school's pages, apps, and free content. Or select "Non-paying users are redirected to the following page once they log in" and decide through the drop-down menu where will the non-paying users be redirected. 

Since these users, will not have access to any purchasable course, they can be redirected to a page that will lure them to buy one of your products (e.g. courses page or product page). Kindly note that it's not recommended to use this setting if you offer free courses, because your users will not have access to them since they are non-paying users.

Note: Non-paying can be users who registered for Free courses only or no courses at all. If you manually enroll a course to a private course, for example with 0 price, this user will not be considered as non-paying. 

5. Lastly, you can also set a specific log-out URL.

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