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How to Monitor, Segment and Export User Progress

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Learning Center
High Volume & Corporate

The Reports Center is a powerful and flexible analytics engine that helps you interpret and analyze data on user progress, registrations, user engagement, and different learner attributes. 

Within the Reports Center, you can track overall user progress across all courses, use a range of filters for even more advanced search capabilities, use preset user segments for detailed and targeted reporting, as well as create custom user segments. Additionally, you can export and schedule the extraction and delivery of user progress reports to designated recipients via email. In case you want to see a more dynamic visual chart about your user's progress you should check Training Matrix.

In this article, we will examine the overall user progress report and learn more about preset user segments for detailed and targeted reporting and how to create custom user segments

Overall User Progress

To monitor and manage the overall user progress, navigate to Reports → Reports Center and click on Overall user progress under User progress

The User Progress view can be utilized to: 

1. Monitor and report on the educational aspect of your school using basic filters related to courses and users, and save the segments created.

Select one or more of the available filters related to users and courses, and click on Apply filters to see the results of your search.

2. Use the advanced search available to combine multiple filters to create even more detailed reports and save the segments created. 

Click on Advanced search and add or remove any filters you wish. Click on Apply filters to see the results of your search. The filters available are related to users, courses, social interactions, and UTM parameters.

3. Arrange for progress reports from users to be scheduled and sent via email to specified recipients.

You can find out more on how to schedule your user progress reports, in this article

4. Export regular or detailed reports for your users’ progress. 

After creating the user progress report tailored to your requirements, select the option to Export user progress.

You will be redirected to a settings menu where you can:

  • Specify the courses for which you want to download progress reports, between all, specific, or a custom list of courses.
  • You can choose to download detailed reports. Detailed reports include more information on the course summary, progress status, time spent on each learning activity, and exam scores.

User Segments

On the Reports Center page, you can see a variety of preset user progress reports based on different user segments defined by distinct attributes.

User segments are distinct groups of users based on various attributes. For user progress reports within your school, segmentation can be conducted using filters related to users, courses, social interactions, and UTM parameters. The user segments include reports for: 

  • User registration insights
  • User engagement insights
  • Enrollment insights 
  • Marketing insights 
  • Mobile app insights 
  • Seat offering insights 
  • User group insights 
  • User progress insights

Navigate to Reports → Reports center, and click on any available preset user segment, to be redirected to the dedicated User segment page. You can then apply additional filters and create new custom user segments, add tags to the users in this user segment, and schedule and export progress reports

More specifically: 

1. Add combined search filters to determine which users satisfy the criteria. The filters are related to users, courses, social interactions, and UTM parameters. Click on Apply filters to see the list of the users.

2. Save the segments to create a custom segment to efficiently and easily export or schedule detailed reports.

3. Αpply specific tags to the users resulting from your filters. Click on Add tag, select your tag, and click on Add tags. Click on Remove tags if you need to remove a tag from the users in a specific segment.

This functionality proves particularly valuable in corporate training scenarios, where you can categorize users into distinct groups, such as different customer segments or teams within the company. If tags have been assigned previously, the exported file will also include a summary of the users' tags.

4. Schedule the report. 

5. Export the users' report in an XLS. or CSV file.

In the overall user progress, advanced search, and the available user segments, there are shortcuts available to:

1. Apply more filters

2. Save a segment

3. Schedule reports

4. Export reports

Features per plan

You can find the available features in each plan, in the table below:

Pro Trainer 
Learning Center and higher+
Filtering User Progress
Basic filters
Advanced filters
Export User Progress
Basic Reporting
Advanced & Detailed Reporting
Custom User Segments
Tagging Users from Segments
Exporting Preset & Custom Segments
Schedule Reports

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