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How to Add Thumbnails to your Videos

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LearnWorlds provides an Interactive Video Editor equipped with advanced features and a convenient sidebar menu that lets you easily enhance your videos by adding various elements, such as thumbnails.

In this article, we will explore how to add thumbnails to your videos. Adding thumbnails is crucial as they serve as the first impression of your video, capturing viewers' attention and encouraging them to watch.

To add thumbnails to your videos:

1. Select a course and navigate to the Course outline tab. 

2. Hover over the video learning activity and click on Edit video.

3. Click on Thumbnail in the sidebar. You can choose to add a thumbnail between:

a. The first frame of the video.

b. Click anywhere on the video and use that frame.

c. Add an image using our media library.

4. Click on Save.

  • Thumbnails are available if you use the Learnworlds provider for videos.
  • To implement the full-screen functionality in the interactive video player (which supports interactive elements and subtitles), navigate to our respective article.
  • Check all of the interactive Video Editors' features and availability per plan here.
  • Check more information about how to upload, setup, and manage your videos here.

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