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How to Use the Media Library

The Media Library is a feature where you can upload images from various sources, such as URL Links, Dropbox, your Camera, and even search/import an image from Unsplash and our Site Templates and of course manage the image library as a whole.

Add a Media & Text section and click on change image in the sideform.

Note: You can choose any of our available sections or widgets that give you the ability to add an image. 

My device

Choose an image from your device or Drag and Drop the image and then click on Upload 1 file.

Note: You can upload more than 1 file, at the same time. We suggest uploading images up to 1MB in order not to interfere with the loading of the page.

You can change the image's title, add categories, copy the image’s URL and crop the image by dragging/moving the highlighted bottom right blue rectangle:

Click on Insert Image and the image will replace the template’s default one. If you click on Save to Library, you will be taken to the saved pictures in the Image Library. 

Note: If you make any alterations in the uploaded image (e.g crop the image) the original and the altered one will be saved in your Image Library.

Image Library

This is the tab where all your saved images are located, where you can search an image by name or category:


  • The word Categories in the search field and a drop-down menu of all available categories, will appear only in the case that you have added at least one category in one of your images. You can insert, edit, preview, and delete the image:
  • In case you would like to download an image, you can visit the Image Library, click on the pencil widget, copy the URL of the page in order to paste it into a new window. Once opened in a new window, right-click the image, choose the copy image option and finally save it on your device.

Free pics

In this tab, you can enter a search quote (e.g sunrise) and see the image results via Unsplash. The results can be filtered by Landscape, Portrait, and Squarish:

You will also notice that if you hover over an image some extra options appear, enabling you to edit, preview the image and choose a resolution. Once you click on 1080x1080, 400x400, or 200x200 the image is replaced with the image of the respective resolution:


Upload/insert a picture straight out of your device’s camera.


You will need to authenticate to the service in order to connect your Dropbox account:

Once authenticated, you are presented with a list of your files. Choose one or more files to upload.

Directly upload an image using the image's URL address. Copy the image's URL and paste the URL link on the import bar:

The picture is ready to be imported.


  • The picture's preview is not available with the URL import.

  • You can only upload: image/*, .jpg, .jpeg, .png

Site Template

Choose among 227 images from our Site Templates Gallery.

Note: For optimal results and performance we recommend the image size to be less than 2 MB.

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