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How to Use the LearnWorlds Community

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Social networks are crucial for new businesses and products. Creating a sense of community for your students, where they can communicate, receive guidance, and stay informed about school news, is valuable. That's why LearnWorlds provides a built-in Community feature, empowering your users to bond and actively engage with the school.

In this article, we will explore how to utilize your school's community, and we will dive in and outline all of the available actions within the community. 

To enable users (signed up and logged in) to access the school's community, administrators must include the relevant link in the top bar or incorporate a button that redirects to the Community on any page within the school's website. 

Community Overview

On the Community page, users can see the Collections and Spaces that are included and that they are a part of and any mentionthat they may have. Your community spaces can exist not only inside the main community page but also as part of your course in the form of a social learning activity.

  • Spaces are areas within the community where users interact with one another. All spaces in the community belong to a Collection.
  • Collections are groups of spaces within your community.

Community Structure

On the left sidebar, a user can see mentions, replies, collections, spaces, and course discussions of the courses that the users are enrolled in if the respective Community Access setting is enabled.

If a course discussion is disabled, then the course is also hidden from the community.

On the right of the Community page, you or your users can:

  • Search for posts
  • Sort the posts by newest activity first, newest/oldest first (if this option is enabled)
  • Check which users are online

It is possible to add a post and comment on other users' posts at the center and main body of the Community. You or your users can navigate to the different Collections, Spaces, and Course Discussions via the left sidebar. 

Posts and Comments

After creating a post, you can delete, edit, and copy the post link to share it if required. As an admin or community manager, you can also pin a post to the top of your community.

In the posts and comments, you or your users can add/upload:

  • Emojis
  • Mentions of other users by clicking on the @ symbol and adding the first characters of the users' name, or tag everyone (@all).
  • Images (you can also upload multiple images in the same post)
  • Files
  • Polls

There is a 20 MB for all attachments in a post, meaning that if you choose to add multiple images, the total size should not exceed 20 MB. There is also a limitation of 10k characters in posts and 5k in comments. 

You can also react to posts, you can like a post, upvote it, and comment on it.

- Users can communicate with each other if the inbox option is enabled; while hovering over a user profile, you can see the message option.

- Users can also report other users if they hover over a user profile. If a user is reported, the Admins or Community manager will get a notification: "User X has reported user Y (email) for bad behavior," and the user will also receive a "Spammy" badge if the gamification is enabled.
- Users/Space members cannot create collections or spaces.

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