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How to Integrate Google Tag Manager with your LearnWorlds School

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Google Tag Manager is an Analytics and Monitoring integration we offer, enabling convenient management of tags on your site, such as tracking and marketing optimization tags. Through the Google Tag Manager user interface, you can add and update AdWords, Google Analytics, Floodlight, and non-Google tags without editing your site's code. This free tool allows marketers to effortlessly add and update website tags—including conversion tracking, site analytics, re-marketing, and more—with just a few clicks, eliminating the need to modify website code.


In this article, we will learn how to set up and activate the Google Tag Manager integration with LearnWorlds. 

Set up Google Tag Μanager

To set up your Tag Manager follow the steps here. Once you have set up your tag manager, follow these steps to import your Google Tags:

1. Visit (using your Google Account) to create a container for your LearnWorlds school.

2. In the Account Name field, enter an Account Name and Country and select if you want to share anonymous data with Google.

3. In the Container name field, enter a descriptive name for your container, select Web, and click Create.

4. Read and accept the Google Tag Manager Terms.

5. Google will generate the container installation code snippet. Copy (Ctrl+C) the "GTM-XXXXXX" code and click OK.

Activate Google Tag Μanager Ιntegration

1. In your LearnWorlds school, navigate to SettingsIntegrations  Analytics.

2. Activate Google Tag Manager and paste the GTM code of this integration in the appropriate text field.

3. Click on Save.

You can manage your Tags via the Google Tag Manager dashboard.

Users will need to accept the Marketing Cookies for Google Tag Manager to work properly. 

Google Consent mode

To ensure compliance with the latest Google consent requirements, we've included the following checkbox for the Google Tag Manager integration to facilitate this. Once your tag setup is complete, you can activate the checkbox as shown below:


1. Click on Settings  Integrations  Analytics, enable Google Tag Manager, and fill in the GTM Code.

To set up GTM, follow the steps provided. After completing the setup, go back and check the second box labeled Enable GMT for Google Consent v2:

Google Consent mode in GTM

1. Navigate to your GTM to make use of Google’s option to manage the consent for all the set-up tags. Click on Admin Container Settings Enable consent overview.

2. Go back to your tags and click on the shield. You are prompted into the sidebar to see which tags are configured for consent mode.

If none of them is configured,  you should select them and click on the shield again:


You can also define the level of consent we want to set them up for:

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