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How to Create Interactive Learning Content Online With H5P

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What is H5P?

H5P is an open-source, community-driven system for creating rich and interactive multimedia for elearning. Thousands of universities, enterprises, school districts, governments, and other organizations use H5P to deliver interactive learning experiences.

H5P empowers instructors to create richer and better experiences by adding gamification, interactivity, and rich multimedia to an online course. It can take your online teaching to the next level, and it is suitable for both professionals and newcomer course creators. It makes creating rich educational content easy without the need for complicated and expensive authoring tools.

Using both H5P and LearnWorlds’ interactive video & ebook authoring, you can create a unique and engaging e-course, that will keep your students coming back for more!

In this article, we will learn how to create interactive learning content using H5P.

Interactive Activities using H5P

Comprehension activities are necessary for an online course, and they can also be used to assess learning outcomes. Any activity with feedback is a potential assessment and can be used to reinforce knowledge.

What matters most is that the assessment:

  • Is relevant to the objectives and goals of your course.
  • Is appropriate for the level and scope of your course content.

Make sure that you vary your mix of comprehension activities so that you:

  • Test competency, not only memory.
  • Make sure that your activities help your students develop a sense of confidence.
  • Let learners do it whenever they want to. If learners may have prior learning in the topic, let them prove it and ‘test out’ if they’re competent.

Such activities could be quizzes, written assignments, or exams. For more interactive comprehension and assessment activities, H5P offers interesting activities you can create, such as: Drag the words, Timeline, Flashcards, Drag and drop, Image pairing, Fill in the blanks, Mark the words, Summary Statements, Dictation, Dialog cards, Accordion, Image slider, Guess the answer, Image juxtaposition, Memory games, and more!

How to Use H5P with LearnWorlds

H5P can be used inside LearnWorlds courses as an embed activity. It is required to have an H5P hosting account

To create an H5P activity, log in to your H5P account and select the type of activity you want to create.

1. Click on Details Use to choose an activity and start editing it.

2. H5P will give you a starting demo template to use. You can either edit that or start from scratch and get creative with the activity you are creating.

3. To embed the activity on your LearnWorlds course, you will need to scroll down the activity (while editing).

  1. Click on Publish.
  2. Choose Public.
  3. Click on The embed code.

Click on Save for the changes to be implemented.

4. Click on the icon next to the name of the activity and then copy the embed code.

5. Navigate to your LearnWorlds school and desired course, click on Course outline Add activity, choose the Embed category, and click on Embed. Paste the link into the embedded learning unit. You can preview the activity by clicking on the preview button.

The final result will look like this: 

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