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Super Admin Support Guide

LearnWorlds introduced the option of creating and managing Multiple LearnWorlds schools under the same email address with a centralized login & under one LearnWorlds Dashboard. You will find more information in this article

This article is a guide that can be shared with the Super Admins to assist with their training. We suggest copying the information you need from this article and offering it to the Super Admins so that they can get the most out of the Multiple Schools feature.

Super Admin Overview

With the Multiple LearnWorlds Schools feature, we offer an additional layer of access in an organization: the Super Admins. The Super admin is a user created by the Organization Owner with specific permissions within the organization and at least one assigned school. Super admins see their assigned school(s) in the Multiple Schools Dashboard, and if they are given specific permissions, they can create, clone, and delete schools.

Super Admin Capabilities

As a Super Admin, you have access to the Multiple Schools Dashboard, where you can Create/Clone/Delete schools if you have been given the specific permissions:

  • Create School
  • Delete School: Delete schools that do not have an active subscription (paid plan). The deletion process may take some time to take effect.
  • Clone School

As a Super Admin, you are simultaneously the LearnWorlds Admin of the individual schools assigned to you, meaning that you have full authoring access within your assigned schools.

Get Started

LearnWorlds will send you an invitation email asking you to set up your password for accessing the Multiple Schools dashboard as a Super Admin. From there, you can find your assigned school(s) and access them as a LearnWorlds Admin (full authoring access).

Click on the button to be directed to the main portal. There, you need to set up your password and accept the LearnWorlds terms and conditions

The moment you log into your Super Admin account, you will see the main LearnWorlds (Multiple Schools) dashboard.

Create a LearnWorlds School

As a Super Admin, you can create LearnWorlds schools (if you are given the respective permission) via the multiple school dashboard. Go to Schools and click on Create a School

In the wizard that appears next, you should choose under which organization the school will be associated, add the domain for the new school, and continue with the school creation. 

If you already own a LearnWorlds school, while creating a new school as a Super Admin it is required to select the organization it will be under. You can manage the schools that were assigned to you as a Super Admin and the ones you own.

You will then be navigated to the new school's creation wizard, where you will need to add the school name, set up your school's language, timezone, currency, and country, and select your school's template & context.

You will also be directed to the school's main dashboard, logged in now as the LearnWorlds admin of the school (full authoring access).

 When you create a new school as a Super Admin until you upgrade to a paid plan, the new school will be treated as a trial school.

Access School(s)

In the LearnWorlds School Dashboard, while logged in as the Super Admin,  you can see your assigned school(s) to access it/them as the LearnWorlds admin (full authoring access).  

Click on a school and this will directly take you to the specific school dashboard where you can start editing and customizing the school as a LearnWorlds admin. You can go back to the Multiple Schools Dashboard (and your Super Admin permissions) if you hover over the three dots next to your school's name and click on Manage Schools. There you can visit school, clone it, copy the school URL or the ID of a school.

Clone a LearnWorlds School

When given permission, as a Super Admin, you can clone existing LearnWorlds schools. In the main LearnWorlds Dashboard, go to Schools and hover over the school from which you want to clone the data. You can only clone a school subscribed to the Learning Center plan or higher.

As you click on the Clone school button, a side form will appear:

1. Add the new school domain.

2. Select the school data that you wish to clone. Be aware of the mandatory data that is auto-selected by default.

When you are ready to proceed, click on Clone School.

Delete a LearnWorlds School

You can delete schools that do not have an active subscription (paid plan).

Deleting a school means that all the data and all the users of the school will be deleted. 

The LearnWorlds admin account, or in the case of Multiple Schools, the Organization Owner and Super Admin are the only accounts that can connect and manage the Zapier Integration. The other admins possess complete authoring access to the platform, with the sole distinction being that only the LearnWorlds admin can oversee and authenticate the Zapier integration.

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