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How to Set Up your Mobile App

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In this article, you will find instructions on setting up your Mobile App. Explore insights on creating a captivating introduction, customizing the app's name and icon, crafting an enticing splash screen, refining the Sign-in/Sign-up experience, optimizing Learner Tools, and seamlessly integrating third-party services.


1. Log In to your school account and navigate to the Mobile App tab.

2. Select the App Settings option.

Each tab allows you to view and/or change different aspects of your App.


In the Name Icon tab, you can change your app name and upload your very own App Icon image.

-The image must come with a colored background, and its dimensions should be 1024 x 1024
-The app’s name should not contain inappropriate language or special/ accented characters (example: . , # ! & @ $). Only use Latin characters in the app’s name.

You can preview the result on the phone screen located on this page on both Android and iOS (round and square icon version).

Splash Screen

In the Splash screen, you can upload a different logo or banner and change its background color. The splash screen is the first screen your users view upon starting your app. 

-Keep it simple, not boring: You can use vibrant colors and, of course, your school's logo.
-Ensure that the image is at least 500px X 500px.

Sign in / Sign up

In the Sign in / Sign up Screen, you can select a logo for your login screen. The logo is placed on top of the login fields. 

Ensure that the image is at least 500px X 500px.

Learner Tools

In the Learner tools tab, you can enable Learning Reminders, edit the included message, enable Offline Video option or Favorites.


In the Integrations tab, you can locate the available integrations like Firebase and Facebook Business SDK

As the admin, you can enable the Guest User Flow, allow your users to explore the available courses without creating an account, and enable biometric authentication. You can find more information on how users can access your app here.

Once you've completed your development work, it's essential to conduct testing on your app. To achieve this, follow the steps in our relevant article.

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