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How to Set up the School's Messenger (Inbox)

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In LearnWorlds, you have the option to enable or disable discussions through your school's inbox (messenger). You can determine whether you want to enable this option and allow your users to: 

  • Send messages to anyone.
  • Send messages only to admins.

In this article, we will explore the configuration of your school's inbox and show you how you can access it. 

Set up your school's Messenger (Inbox)

In order to configure your school's inbox, navigate to Settings → School Settings → Community Access and choose one of the following options to determine whether you wish to allow users to discuss from within the inbox:

  • Yes, and let your learners send messages to anyone.
  • Yes, and let your learners send messages only to admins.
  • Not at all. Neither notifications/emails for badges, certifications, etc. will be sent to them.

Access and Use your school's Messenger (Inbox)

Navigate to Communication → Inbox to access your inbox, read messages, and send new ones. To send a new inbox message click on New message and choose the user by adding the @ symbol and the first few letters of the user's name.

  • For your users to be able to locate their school's inbox you will need to ensure there is a button or topbar link that redirects them to their school inbox. 
  • Badges that your users earn during their experience within your school, can be found in the users' Inbox & Profile page, once they are logged into their account.

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