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How to Unlock Sections Ahead of the Scheduled Drip Feed Day

In LearnWorlds with the Drip-Feed feature, you can essentially organize the timely release of your content (per each course section) so that not all of your course content becomes available to your users all at once.

In the Drip by Days option you can unlock course contents based on the date the student enrolled in the course and each student will get access to the learning material separately.

Each course is divided into course sections that are basically the parts you make available gradually to your users with the drip feed feature. 

If you wish you can unlock course sections ahead of the scheduled Drip feed day for specific users. For example, you may want to unlock a section ahead of time for a special user or all your users that you might have imported from another platform.

Unlock course sections ahead of the scheduled Drip feed date is only available if you use Drip by days and not Drip by Date.

Unlock Course Sections

After you enable the Drip by Days feature and you have set up the drip feed dates for your course sections you can unlock sections ahead of the scheduled drip feed date.

1. Go to the Course Outline tab of your course.

2. Find the course section you want to unlock for a user(s).

3. Click on the Users' button next to the specified (e.g. 4 days) drip feed date.

4. Edit each user's drip date separately to the daily limit set before. Click on the pencil icon next to a user’s days to type the desired days, and hit Save

5. Each user should appear only in the newest accessible section and not on multiple sections. You need to calculate the days the course section gets unlocked to move manually the user to this day. E.g. day 9 or day 10 after course enrollment.

When referring to Subscription plans, once the subscription plan changes, the drip feed cannot be updated automatically. By default, the user gets unenrolled and re-enrolled into the same course thus the drip-feed progress restarts.

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