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How to Set up the Payment/Navigation Flow of your Products

After your course content is ready and you are about to launch, it is important to arrange your users' purchase & course navigation flow, so they can purchase the course and navigate to the course player. For these purposes, you should add specific page sections to the Course Layout page & other pages of your school.

Course Hero Section

In your school's Course Layout pages, the Course Hero section includes the Automatic System Button. The Automatic Enroll Button has two essential functionalities that set up the user's purchase and course navigation flow.

Products (Course Cards) section

You can add the Products (Course Cards) section throughout your school's pages, where all your courses can be viewed and purchased via compact, easy-to-understand Course Cards

The Course Cards also include the Automatic Enroll Buttons, which are eye-catching to potential buyers. Once you have added such a Products section, e.g., to your Home or Courses page, then when a potential user visits your school's page, they can click on the aforementioned Automatic Enroll button of the course card to purchase the course. 

Payment Flow

In LearnWorlds, sign-up and the subsequent sign-in are mandatory requirements for users to purchase and access a course. 

This means that when a logged-out user is trying to purchase a course, they will be prompted to Sign up or Sign in with their existing account before purchase, or they can sign up/in simultaneously during purchase according to the payment flow you have set up. 

To arrange the Payment Flow:

1. Click on WebsiteNavigation.

2. Or Website → Design Edit website and choose SiteSite Navigation on the top menu.

You get to choose whether:

  • You will allow logged-out users to go straight to the payment page when clicking to buy a product, where they can simultaneously sign up/in and buy a course via the Payment Page itself.

For this setting, if you choose logged-out users to go straight to the payment page when clicking to buy a product, make sure the sign-in / up component is shown on the payment page's layout so that users can sign in / up at the time of purchase. You will find more details here

  • They will have to sign up or sign in first via your school's Sign up/in Form. After they create an account and sign in, they will be able to navigate throughout your school and later will get directed to the payment page to purchase the desired course while logged in.

 If you are using a payment section as a step inside a funnel, once the user completes the payment, they will be redirected to the next step of the funnel. The after-purchase navigation setting for that course in that flow will not be triggered.

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