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How to Whitelabel your Apple Social Login

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LearnWorlds is making it possible to have your very own white-labeled branded Social Logins for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google, and Apple meaning that you can completely remove any mention of the LearnWorlds brand (e.g., LearnWorlds logo) on the Social Logins. 

In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide to Whitelabel your Apple Social Login. 

Apple Developer Account Settings

In order to set up your Developer Account settings, you need to sign in to your Apple Developer Account

Register a New Identifier

1. Navigate to Identifiers and click on the plus icon next to Identifiers, to add a new.

2. Click on Continue, then select the App type and click on Continue again. 

3. Add the Description and the Bundle ID (it is recommended to use a reverse-domain name style string).

4. Select the Sign in with Apple option under Capabilities. Once selected click on Edit.

5. Check the Enable as a primary App ID and click on Save.

6. Click on Continue and then on Register to register your new Identifier. 

Create a Service ID

1. Navigate to Identifiers → App ID → Services ID.

2. Click on the plus icon next to Identifiers to create a Service ID

3. Ensure that Service IDs is selected and click on Continue

4. Add a Description and an Identifier (it is recommended to use a reverse-domain name style string). The identifier needs to be different from the Bundle ID added in the previous steps. 

5. Click on the created Service ID, and choose the Sign in with Apple option. Once selected click on Configure.

6. Choose your Primary App ID, add your Domain, add the Return URL htpps:// (you will need to change the with your domain), and click on Next and Done.

7. Click on Continue and then Save to create the Service ID.

Create Keys

1. Navigate to Keys and click on the plus icon next to Keys to create one. 

2. Add the Key name and choose the Sign in with Apple option. Once selected click on Configure.

3. Choose the Primary App ID and click on Save

4. Click on Continue and then Register to register a new Key.

5. Download your key. Note that after downloading your key, it is not feasible to re-download it as the server copy is removed.

Finalize the Whitelabeling Configuration in LearnWorlds

1. Navigate to your LearnWorlds school and click on Website Settings → Authentication → Social under Website

2. Add the Client ID, Key ID, Team ID, and Private Key under Whitelabel Social Logins and click on Save.

Team ID: Navigate to Identifiers find and click on the created Identifier. Copy the Team ID that is located under App ID Prefix.

Client ID: Navigate to Identifiers→ App ID → Services ID, find the created Service ID and copy the Identifier. Key ID: Navigate to Keys click on the created option and copy the Key ID.

Private KeyUse the key from the downloaded file in the previous step. 

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