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How to Edit your Users' Invoices/Receipts

In your LearnWorlds school, you have the ability as the school admin, to create your own invoice template and edit your invoice information! It is very important to pay attention to all details when it comes to serving your customers, especially for clear, thorough, and informative transactions. 

In this article, you will find out how to set up your Invoices, in order to reflect transparency.

Go to Settings Financial → Invoices Setup.

Υou can edit the information that will display in the invoices you deliver. 

1. Set an Invoice prefix.

2. Set the Company VAT Number.

3. Add an Invoice logo. Your logo will be placed on the upper-left corner of the invoices.

4. Add a Thank you message in invoices for your learners.

5. Include a Tax message in invoices that explains your tax policy.

6. Select whether standard VAT will be shown on your invoices/receipts.

7. Include an invoice custom text area in your payment form for your users. Enabling it will reveal an extra text area in the payment form so that your users can add their own details to the invoices as shown below.

8. Navigate to Settings → School Settings → School Info to change the following fields:

8a. The School Name 

8b. The Sales e-mail 

8c. The Address (seller)

In the Invoice setup menu you can also edit the default Invoice Text fields as shown below:


  • In case you are using Japanese, Chinese, or Arabic characters, there is the need to change the invoice template from LearnWorld's side in order for these special characters to be supported in your invoice. Send us an email with the respective request at or submit a ticket.
  • Sales reports can be exported by navigating to Report Center → Sales → Orders.

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