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How to Create your Own White-labeled Mobile App

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Follow the steps in this article to start creating your own white-labeled mobile app for your online academy. Log into your LearnWorlds school and navigate to the Mobile app tab. 

Customize your Mobile App

Customize your Mobile app by following the steps in our respective article

Test your Mobile App

You can test your mobile app before the submission process, by following the steps here.

You can find out more on how to access the LearnWorlds demo app from the apps stores in our respective article: How to access LearnWorlds demo app from the App stores

Prepare for Submission

You will need to enroll in the Developer program for both Apple and Google:

How to Enroll in the Google Developer Program

How to Enroll in the Apple Developer Program

You can find information on how to prepare your mobile app for submission and grant access to LearnWorlds’ development team, here: 

How to Prepare your Android App for Submission

How to Prepare your iOS App for Submission

Select the Review Team Account

You will need to select the User that will review your mobile apps. You can navigate to our respective article for more information.


Integrate your mobile app with Google Firebase and Facebook Business SDK.

Launch App

Once you are ready, submit your Mobile app. You can find out more here

Set In-App purchases

Once the review process has been finalized by the LearnWorlds team, you will need to set up your in-app purchases. You can find more on how you can set up your mobile apps to receive in-app purchases in our respective articles:

How to create In-App purchases for the Android mobile app

How to create In-App purchases for the iOS Mobile App


  • When a user signs up in your mobile app and enrolls in courses, there will be no issues accessing the courses on a different device or OS (Android or iOS mobile app). If a user buys on an iOS device and then moves to an Android device, they still have the courses (and vice versa).

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