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Dashboard - Your School Updates at a Glimpse

The LearnWorlds Dashboard provides an overview of your school and helps you with the management of your business. It enables you to stay updated on your sales, registrations, and user interactions promptly. You can monitor who is currently logged in and actively engage with your users in real time.

In this article, we will go through an overview of the LearnWorlds school dashboard

Navigate to Home → Dashboard, where you will first see the options to initiate the creation of a new course. Additionally, you can access preview links for your Home and After Login pages. For updates on new features, click on What's new, or for assistance, navigate to your school's Help center, which includes valuable information for the LearnWorlds Academy, Knowledge Base, upcoming Webinars, LearnWorlds experts, and popular posts in our Blog.

Getting Started

Access assistance at every step, discover useful video tutorials for creating courses, customizing websites, setting up payment gateways, and integrating tools to maximize platform usage for creating remarkable websites and achieving success. Additionally, find links to support guides and materials for further assistance.


The Dashboard page features four informative graphs organized into tabs:

  • New sign-ups, to monitor your school registrations.
  • A graphical presentation of the Revenue.
  • Product sales.
  • Active learners' number.

These graphs can be generated for the past 7, 30, or 60 days by selecting from a drop-down menu.

Adjacent to the graphs, there's a numerical section providing a concise summary of school activity and sales metrics, such as user count, conversions, course offerings, sales volume over the last 30 days, and average user engagement time.

You can also gather valuable insights for your school, such as:

1. Pending access

While using the Signup Approval feature, you can also check the pending requests on your dashboard. You can either approve or reject them there.


2. New Users

This option is for the newly registered members and displays information on when they signed up. Clicking on See All will redirect you to Users → All users.

3. Review Center

You will find a shortcut for the recently submitted Assignments. Click on See All to be directed to Courses → Review Center.

4. Latest Posts

This is also a shortcut for the Latest Posts. Clicking on See All, redirects you to the Community page

5. LearnWorlds blog

One more shortcut for our LearnWorlds Blog. Click on See All to be redirected to our latest blog posts.

6. Events log

You will find an update on the latest events! Clicking on See All redirects you to the Reports → Activity Log → Events log.

7. Online Users

The last useful shortcut of your Dashboard is showing the number and usernames of your Online Users.

Click on Contact to send an inbox message and communicate with the users while they are online.

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