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How to Add a New User - Search Users

In LearnWorlds, in addition to users registering through the sign-up form to create accounts within your school, you can also manually add new users.

Add a new User

As an admin, if you wish to add a new user: 

1. Click on UsersAll Users and click on Add User.

2. Fill out the needed information for the new account: 

  • User Details: Update the user's username & email. 
  • User role: Manage the user's role based on the Administrative, Instructional, and Reporting role levels as well as Affiliates. The User Roles are available in our Learning Center plans or higher.
  • Enroll in courses: If an account has a User role, you can enroll them in more than one course simultaneously.


  • For each enrollment, there are the respective records in sales
  • Each record uses the data from the Enter Justification Message field. 
  • User tags: Add or remove a tag from the user.
  • Validate that the user has given consent to receive emails from this school (when the GDPR is enabled)
  • Sign-up Validation rules: Apply the validation rules of the Sign-up custom fields.

3. Click on Add user to finalize the process.

You can also create a new user (and assign a specific role simultaneously) via the User Roles page.

  • An activation e-mail will be sent automatically to the new user, asking them to set up a password for the account.
  • If you wish to add more than one user to your online school, you can Bulk import them.

Search for Users

After adding your users, there might be a case where you want to find a specific user manually through your users' list. 

To do so, in the search box, you can type the name or e-mail of a user. You can use filters to specify the Product, Date, Role, or Status of the user to limit your search.

  • You can also search users by tags. To do so, click on the Tag filter option, and all the available tags will appear.
  • For more detailed search options, you can check our Reporting Tools here.

You can click on the Advanced Search option and add more filters for more advanced searching and filtering. You have the option to select from a diverse range of filters concerning Users, Courses, Social aspects, and UTMs. On the top ribbon, you can also export the user report (available to Learning Center plans or higher).

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