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How to Create a Seat Management Role

Multiple Seats Offering is a B2B toolkit product that enables your customers to sell multiple courses to a group of users by simultaneously handing over the management of this group to your B2B clients.

You will be able to create a seat offering by selecting the courses included, the number of seats, the maximum number of users that can be part of this offering, and assigning one or more Seat managers to this offering.

Your customers will be able to manage the users they add to the seat offering using the Seat Manager Role, and in this article, we will learn more about how to create such Seat Manager roles.

Seat Management Role Permissions

The available permissions that can be assigned to the Seat Management roles are:

  • View users (view their users' User card with only the Profile, Courses, and Activity tabs)
  • View seat offerings, Manage seats 
  • View seats
  • View user analytics
  • Manage user segments
  • Export user analytics
  • Manage scheduled reports
  • View the activity history of the users that are in the seat offering.
  • View gradebook 
  • View certifications 
  • View review center

The Seat Manager will be able to bulk import and enroll users to this offering, manage the available seats, manage their enrollments, and monitor their progress without accessing any other aspects of your platform. 

We provide one Predefined Seat Manager Role; however, it is also feasible to create Custom Roles with the aforementioned seat management permissions. The Predefined role offered is the following:

Seat Manager: The Seat Manager can manage their seats and assign users to seat courses. 

How to Create a Seat Management Role

There are different ways to create a new Seat Management role:

1. Navigate to Users User Roles:

a. Create a new role and choose the Seat Manager predefined role from which to start.

b. Create Seat Management role.

c. Hover over the Seat Manager (predefined role), and click on create one based on the specific role.

How to Assign a Seat Manager Role

There are multiple ways to assign the Seat Manager role to a user. Navigate to:

1. Users Seat Managers and click on +Add a Seat Manager  and fill in the below fields in the Add Seat Manager panel:

  • UserName
  • Email
  • Role
  • Seats (You will need to create the Seats)
  • User tags
  • Sign up validation rules

2.  Users All Users: 

a. Click on +Add user and assign the Seat Manager Role in the User role field of the Add user panel.

b. Hover under the Manage column of an existing user, choose Edit User and assign a Seat Manager role in the User role field of the Update user panel.

Simulate the Seat Manager Role

You can check the aspects of the platform that the specific reporting role can view without having access to the actual data by hovering over the role on the User roles page and clicking on the Simulate option.

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