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How to Set Up your Custom Domain in Google Domains

In this article, you will find more information on how to connect your own purchased custom domain at the subdomain level, e.g.,, or naked domain, with your LearnWorlds school using Google Domains.

Create a CNAME Record in Google Domains

1. Log in to your Google Domain account and click My Domains.

2. Select the domain that you would like to use for your school and click "Manage".

3. Click on the left sidebar DNS.

4. Scroll into the section Custom Resource Records.

5. In Name, enter the subdomain you wish, e.g. www. A subdomain precedes your main domain name. For example in, www is the subdomain. You can choose any other name for your subdomain, just make sure that it does not have the same name as an existing record.

6. In Type, select CNAME.

7. In TTL, leave the field to 1H.

8. In Data, enter your LearnWorlds school URL (e.g. {yourschool} or {yourschool}, or {yourschool}

9. Click Add.

  • Make sure to replace from the examples with your LearnWolrds school URL. 
  • Do not include the https:// before your LearnWorlds URL or the / after.

Create an A Record in Google Domains

If you don't want to use a subdomain, but only the naked domain (e.g. without www), you need to create three A records:

1. In the Name field, type the symbol @.

2. In Type, select Type A

3. In TTL, leave the field to 1H.

4. In Data, add the following values/IP addresses:


5. The final result needs to be three total A records, including the mentioned values/IP addresses.

Check if the CNAME record is successfully added

1. Go to Google Admin Toolbox.

2. Insert your domain (without https:// or / at the end). For example, www.{yourschool}.com or {yourschool}.com.

3. If the CNAME record is correct, the Learnworlds URL will appear under Target.

Request the domain's change in your school settings

1. Navigate to Settings → School Settings → Site email & domain.

2. Type the subdomain you created.

3. Click on Change Domain.

4. A pop-up message will appear confirming that your domain will be ready soon.


  • You can have up to two secondary domains, including the naked domain (domains that redirect to your primary domain), apart from the LearnWorlds default domain.  
  • You can change the primary domain to a different custom domain, as long as the records remain correct.
  • You cannot delete the default LearnWorlds URL.

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