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How to Import Questions to an Assessment from Other Assessments

You can re-use your assessment questions, by importing them from one assessment into another. If you have created a new Assessment learning activity and you would like to import/copy some questions from another course, then you need to:

1. Click on Add questionImport Questions, on your learning activity.

2. Select the first option "From other assessment".

3. Choose the course from which you want to insert the questions. Then locate the assessment and check the questions you want to import (to import all of them just click on the first checkbox which is the assessment title) and click on Import.

4. Click on Save to save your changes.


  •  When importing questions from another assessment, you have the option to either Import or Import & Sync the questions. By selecting the first option, you maintain independence in the assessment learning activity, and any further changes you apply to those questions will not be reflected on the linked assessment learning activity. In comparison with the Sync button, if you choose to sync the questions in the assessment learning activity, any changes you made will automatically be updated on the other assessment as well.

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