Get ready to conquer the Brazilian markets by selling your courses with the PagSeguro payment Gateway! 

Through this article, you will learn how to connect  the PagSeguro payment gateway to your school and which payment methods are offered to your future students after setting it up.


1 Navigate to Financial->Financial Settings -> Currency and select  Brazilian Real

2 In a second tab in your browser open your PagSeguro account page and navigate to Minha Conta -> Preferências -> Integrações -> Gerar Token. Copy the respective API token

3 Back to your School, in the Payment Gateway page (Financial->Payment Gateway), select the PagSeguro gateway and paste the copied API token as well as the Pagseguro account email into the respective fields.

4 In case you wish to use both PayPal and PagSeguro, in the same page select

“Use Paypal as a second Gateway”.

Remember that in order to achieve that, you have to first select and set the Paypal gateway in the “Payment Gateway” page and then the PagSeguro.

Now you are ready to sell your precious courses to your new students!

Wondering which steps will they have to follow to complete their purchases? Let’s see them together!

1 The user navigates to the checkout page and selects to pay with the Pagseguro gateway

In case the user has a pending transaction, a message will be displayed underneath the buttons, informing them accordingly.

2 When the user selects “Continue with pagseguro” a pop-up window will open, where the user can find information about his transaction

In that window, the email field is auto-completed with the user’s email which can be also replaced. If the mail is not already registered in Pagseguro, the user is requested to enter his information 

3Then, the user will have to select a payment method, among Credit Card, Boleto or others by clicking on “Todas as formas de pagamento” (to see all the payment methods available by pagseguro.)

4 Conclude payment-Let’s see now the payment options in detail

Credit Card

The user enters his/hers credit card info and selects a way to pay e.g. the whole amount or installments. These options have been already set by the admin in the PagSeguro system.

In the end, the system grants access to the product(s) and generates an invoice for the transaction


Boleto is created in PagSeguro. When the user takes the Boleto code, then he can postpone the payment for about 3 days, and pay later using that code.

In that case the transaction will be in Awaiting Payment state and found in the Sales->Awaiting payments as shown below

When the product will be paid the system will automatically give access to the user and will issue the respective invoice.

In case the payment eventually is not completed then the transaction would be moved from “Awaiting Payments” to “Canceled” transactions

As mentioned above, there are more payment methods available in Pagseguro (by clicking on “Todas as formas de pagamento” button)

Online Debit (TEF)

Deposit account

...or Balance Insurance.

To sum up, the PagSeguro payment gateway supports the following paying methods:

  1. Credit Card:  the payment is processed immediately or within a few hours, depending on your risk rating.

  2. Boleto: This type of payment is usually confirmed one to two days after the ticket-boleto payment. The ticket maturity is 3 days.

  3. Online Debit (TEF): This type of payment is usually confirmed within a few hours.

  4. Balance Insurance: The buyer had sufficient balance in his Pagseguro account and paid in full for the transaction using his balance.

  5. Deposit account: The transaction will be confirmed only after the completion of this process, which can take from 2 to 13 business days.

With the PagSeguro you give your students a variety of choices, letting them free to pick the most convenient payment method, without any hesitation.