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How to Upload a PDF file to your Courses (PDF Learning Activity)

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Incorporating a PDF learning activity into your course player offers an engaging method for delivering course materials to your users. This approach allows them to easily download the content while preserving the original formatting.

In this article, we will go through the steps of creating a PDF learning activity and uploading the PDF files. 

Create the PDF Learning Activity

1. Navigate to the Course outline tab of your created course.

2. Click on Add an Activity under the selected course section.

3. Click on PDF in the Multimedia menu.

4. Give a title to your PDF learning activity and click Save or Save and Edit to start making changes right away. 

Upload the PDF File

1. Hover over the learning activity and click on Settings (if you have clicked on Save and Edit in the activity creation process, skip this step).

2. Click on Select pdf to upload your PDF file. Make sure that the title of the file is in Latin characters (special characters like â, è, ü, etc are not supported).

To ensure that the learning activity works as expected, ensure that the PDF is uploaded under Upload your file and not under Digital Download. Digital downloads are only supportive material.

3. Optionally, fill out the number of pages that your PDF includes.

4. You can also Password protect this learning activity for users who only have the password.

This is how the PDF will be displayed on the Course Player.

PDF File Requirements

PDF files up to 10 MB are supported, and only Latin characters can be used in the title of the .pdf file (special characters like â, è, ü, etc. are not supported).

Enable PDF Download/Copy/Print

To allow your users to download, copy, or print your PDF files, you can set up your settings on the Copyright Protection page. Navigate to Settings → School Settings → Copyright Protection.

If you don't enable the Let your users print the pdf files option under your Copyright Protection settings, your users will not be able to print the downloaded file and the file will appear locked.

You can also choose to display a Watermark on the PDF file.

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