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How to Preview your Course Player

The Course Player provides students with an immersive classroom-like experience, allowing them to watch all the e-learning material unfold right before their eyes. 

They can engage in discussions throughout the learning process, raise questions, answer tests and exams, and much more. You can find more information on how to customize the appearance of your Course Player here.

How to Access the Course Player

For Admins and Instructors

1. Go to Course Manager & locate a created course.

2. While editing any Course Tab you will notice the button Preview course player on the top. Click on it to get directed to the Course Player environment as if you were a logged-in user who has access to the course's content.

3. Alternatively, hover over the learning activity and click on Preview to get directed to the Course Player.

While previewing the Course Player in admin mode, you can:

  • Review all the learning activities of the course under the Path tab.
  • Review the Learners tab which shows only if the admin has enabled the People directory app.
  • Review the Discuss tab (Course Discussion) which is related to the Community feature settings.
  • Go back to editing the course settings or editing the individual learning activity you are currently previewing.

How Users can navigate through the Course Player

Within the course player, the users can go through the learning activities either through the navigation sidebar or using the previous and next buttons on the top bar.

The Navigation buttons can be translated, hidden, or moved to the bottom of the Course player. You can find more in this article.

The users in the Course Player can:

  • View all the learning activities of the course under the Path tab.
  • View the Learners tab. There they can find learners (the first 150 users in alphabetical order) that are enrolled in the same course.
  • View the Discuss tab (Course Discussion). There users can engage in conversations with other learners.

In the Path tab, they can view which course sections are available (Drip-feed or locked sections).

Track which learning activities have been reviewed/completed so far. Reviewed activities display ✔.

Hide the entire sidebar to view the learning activity on full-screen.

If you wish to deactivate the Learners or/and the Discussion tab, check this article.

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