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How to Create Assessments Using AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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LearnWorlds has been recognized among the Top 20 companies for AI in training by Training Industry! This achievement spotlights our persistent commitment to innovation. Our AI prompt engineering streamlines content creation and beyond, setting a new standard for the industry. Read here to discover how to make LearnWorlds AI assistant work hard for you!

You can save time and effort in creating your Assessments (Graded or non-graded), by utilizing the built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant! You can improve the quality of your writing, and get guidance throughout the authoring process in terms of research, editing or proofreading. 

More specifically, the AI assistant can help with:

  • Creating Assessment questions
  • Editing and Improving the existing text

In this article we will dive into the endless capabilities of utilizing AI while creating your course exams and self-assessments. 

Create Assessment Questions

Navigate to the Graded or Non-Graded Assessment and locate the AI assistant to add Assessment items (questions). You can select to create multiple questions or a specific question type (Multiple Choice, True/False, Drop-down, Multiple-Choice Multiple-Answers, Ordering, Open-ended, File Assignment, Match). 

After selecting the type and number of questions you wish to add, you will be offered an optional range of settings to tailor the question content to suit your needs:

  • Specify the difficulty level of the assessment (ie. easy, complex)
  • Set the tone of voice (i.e. friendly)
  • Set type of question based on Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Define, in detail, the context of the questionnaire (ie. based on a paragraph / URL / learning activity)
  • Add key terms to be assessed

When creating non-graded or graded assessment activities and utilizing the AI assistant, the feedback option is automatically activated and you can manually edit it. However, you retain the freedom to deactivate it if desired. Enabling this feedback option ensures users receive instant feedback upon submitting their answers in the course player.

Edit and Improve Text

Once you fill your assessment with text and questions, the editing control is in your hands. You possess the liberty to selectively highlight either a particular segment or the entirety of a text box, enabling you to:

  • Polish text
  • Rewrite text
  • Make it bold
  • Make it catchy
  • Make it powerful
  • Make it compelling
  • Shorten
  • Expand
  • Summarize
  • Analyze for style, voice, tone, 
  • Change tone
  • Translate

AI Prompts per Plan

Trial - 100/month

Starter - 300/month

Pro trainer - 500/month

Learning Center - 1000/month

High Volume - 2000/month

Responsible use of AI

To make the most of this advanced technology, it's important to keep ethical considerations and limitations in mind.

Navigate Ethical Considerations: When using AI to assist with any topic, bear in mind the ethical aspects involved. Always verify suggestions before putting them into practice.

Double-check Accuracy and Reliability: Ensure the information provided is accurate and relevant to your topic, by cross-referencing with trustworthy sources.

Put Privacy and Security First: Be conscious of the data you share while interacting with AI.

Be Aware of AI-based Assistance Limitations: Recognize that AI might not have all the answers for every topic, so use it just as a supportive companion.

The Perfect Balance: Foster a productive partnership between AI and your own knowledge when exploring any subject. Let AI spark new ideas and possibilities while trusting your creativity and intuition for your final decisions.

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