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How to Capture Leads using a Marketing Form

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With our powerful Marketing forms, you can capture leads to grow your email lists and encourage those users to submit their email addresses and join your newsletters. A Marketing form can be also used as a standalone page, so everyone who has the URL of the form can submit it. More information you can find in our respective article on how to create a Marketing form

This article includes the ways you can utilize a Marketing form to capture leads, along with insights on where to locate these leads within your school environment.

How to Add an Email Grabber

To capture leads, the first thing you need to do is to add an email grabber to your form. 

1. You can create a Marketing form and choose one of the Contact Forms templates we offer.

2. You can also add an Email Contact type of question to an already created Marketing Form. You can add a Firstname / Lastname type of question to gather the name of the lead.

3. If your school is GDPR compliant, you can also add a Consent type of question. By enabling the "Save data in Leads from Pages" setting under Settings → After Submission, the "Marketing Opt-in" setting will appear.

If you wish to enable that option, the Consent question must have only one option (the one that will be set up as a Marketing opt-in), and the answer to that (yes/no) will populate the Opt-in column in the Leads from pages.

You can add your Marketing Forms to any of your school pages by following the steps in this article or even add forms in popups

→ The email grabber option can be set as a required option. This means that users need to add their email to submit the form.

How to Track and Export the Leads

To track and export the captured leads:

1. You can go to Marketing →  Marketing Forms option. Hover over the specific form you wish to, and click on the Responses option.

The Responses page will open, where you can check the responses of the collected leads or export them in a CSV/ XLS file.

2. If you have enabled the Save data in "Leads from Pages" table under Settings while creating your form, you can find the leads' data on the Leads from pages, and export them in a CSN/ XLS file.

Responses from logged-in users will not be registered on the Leads from Pages page.

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