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Multiple Seats Offering

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Multiple Seats Offering is a B2B toolkit product that enables your customers to sell multiple courses to a group of users by simultaneously handing over the management of this group to your B2B clients.

With Multiple Seats Offering, you can create Seats and Seat Offerings and select the courses included, the number of seats, the maximum number of users that can be part of this Seat Offering, and assign one or more Seat managers to this offering.

The Seat manager will be able to bulk import and enroll users to this Seat offer, manage the available seats and the enrollments, and monitor the user progress.

Seat Offerings vs. Seats

A Seat Offering is a separate product mainly consisting of courses and seats. The Seat offering defines the specific courses that are included in this product as well as the number of seats that are available for use.

A Seat is a virtual chair and defines the number of users that are allowed to be simultaneously enrolled in the courses included in the Seat Offering. This means that the number of users enrolled in the courses of the Seat offering could be a lot more than the number of seats available, as the functionality allows multiple turnovers of the seats.

The Multiple Seats Offering system is not connected to the Payment Gateways of your school; hence, you cannot receive payments via the LearnWorlds school for a Seat Offering. To receive payments you can use external payment methods like wire transfers or via your PayPal/Stripe accounts, outside of LearnWorlds.

Seat Managers

The Seat Manager can manage the users added to the seat offering (e.g., bulk import and enroll users to this offering, manage the available seats, manage their enrollments, and monitor their progress). You can find out more on How to Create a Seat Manager Role.

The seat manager will be able to access the Seat Manager Dashboard if the Seat Offering is inactive; however, they will not be able to perform any actions (add users to the offering, add/ remove to/ from the seat, enroll/ unenroll).

Business Case & Example

With the LearnWorlds Multiple Seats Offering feature, you can cater to a similar sample business case like the one below.

Many LearnWorlds schools need to train their own or their client's employees besides selling courses. They may want to group them together, separately from the other learners, and assign someone to be responsible for monitoring these employees. Schools that sell B2B need the management of the users to be on their customers’ side. 

For example, a company wants to train their employees and buy some courses from your LearnWorlds school, but they need to add, enroll, unenroll, and monitor their employees by themselves, without the interference of the school. We share an example below:

  • Number of courses: 5
  • Number of seats: 20

In this case, you can add 20 users to the "Company A" Seat Offering, and 20 employees will occupy all 20 seats at a time. You can enroll all or some of these 20 users and choose all or some of the courses related to the Seat Offering. At a point (whether the users have completed the courses or not), you can remove them from their seats and add another 20 new users.

Your customer will be able to manage the employees/users added to the seat offering using the Seat Manager Role (see below).

Using our Course list question type, you can create custom order forms, the customer can order Seats, select the courses they wish to be included in the Seat, and the user limit. The school admin can send back to the customer a quote.

How to Create a Seat Offering

To create a Seat Offering:

1. Go to Users Multiple Seats.

2. Click on Create a Seat offering

3. Follow the steps of the creation wizard.

General Information:

  • Max Number of Users is an optional field. If a number is not added there, the users that can be added to the seat offers can be unlimited. 
  • You cannot create a Seat Manager via the creation wizard. You can make an existing account (with any role) a Seat Manager. Upon creating the Seat offering, the system will alter the user role of the selected user to the predefined Seat manager role. This can be changed later on by editing the Seat offering under the Actions tab (see below).
  • A seat manager can have multiple seat offerings assigned to them. 
  • A seat offering can have multiple seat managers (or multiple users with seat management levels).
  • You can tag users when they are added to the specific Seat offering. Tagging can be used in various use cases, as shown here.
  • You can assign a tailored After Login Page for the Users of the Seat Offering. Start pages for seat offerings override all other start page settings as highlighted below:

How to Manage Seats & Seat Offerings

To track your Seats go to Users → Multiple Seats. On the Seats page, you can track the:

  • Title  
  • Created
  • Updated 
  • Courses    
  • Total seats    
  • Available seats    
  • Members   
  • Total enrollments 
  • Tags
  • Seat managers    
  • Actions tab: Hover over Actions to manage the Seat offering, with the following options: 
  • Edit Seat offering
  • Manage Users on seats
  • Delete Seat offering

Edit Seat Offering  

1. Go to Users → Multiple Seats.

2. Hover over the selected seat and click on edit. You can further edit the created Seat offering and alter the following:

  • Name: Edit the name of the Seat Offering.
  • Description: Edit the description of the Seat Offering (optional).
  • Tags: Select the tags that will be automatically assigned to the users upon their addition to the seat offering.
  • Seat Managers: The existing users will be assigned the Seat Manager Role. You can add multiple seat managers in the same seat offering.
  • Number of seats: The maximum number of available seats.
  • Max number of users: The maximum number of unique users that can be added to this Seat Offering.
  • Courses Included: You can add or remove courses from the Seat offer. 
  • After Login Page: You can enable or disable a tailored After Login Page for the users added to a seat offering.


  • If you remove a course that has already enrolled users, these users will automatically be unenrolled from this course.
  • If you add an additional course to an existing seat offering, you will have the option to enroll in this course for the users who already occupy a seat.

Manage Users on Seats

1. Go to Users → Multiple Seats.

2. Hover over the selected seat and click on the Manage seats option. 

You can search for users and manage all the users included in the specific Seat Offering.  More specifically, you can:

Add Member

You can add a single user to the Seat Offering and choose if they should occupy a seat or not.

Bulk Αctions

  • Add members: You can download the Excel template and fill in the user details (username and email) in Excel to add users to this specific Seat Offering user list.

Important Note: You do not add the users in the seat itself, nor do you enroll them in any course hence these users will not have an occupied Seat or enrollment. You basically just upload the users to the Seat pool list and they don't occupy a seat yet. Only users who occupy a seat will be able to be enrolled in the courses.

  • Add & Enroll members: You can download the Excel template and fill in the user details (username and email) in Excel to add the users for the Seat offering. They will be added to the Seat offering and will be enrolled in all of the courses linked to the Seat Offering.

For both the Add Members & Add & Enroll Members bulk actions, you will need to download & upload the Excel template. There is also an option of adding the User password when bulk adding and adding and enrolling users.

The file you will upload shouldn't be differentiated from the Excel template. Here are some tips to follow:

a. Download the sample file (excel template).

b. Use this template and add the data in the respective default fields. Do not alter the fields or add additional ones. Username and email are required (for "username," you can add a name and surname).

c. Clear Formatting: In the case of copy-paste, keep in mind to copy the cells without any formatting, and since you will be adding emails, make sure they are not added as links.

Note: Ctrl+Shift+V for Windows or Command+Shift+V for Mac would help to clear formatting when copy-pasting.

When the Excel file is ready, upload it in the respective field.

Meanwhile, you can track the progress of the bulk action if you go to the Reports Center User action log.


When managing the Seat Offering, you can also view the:

  • Total number of available and occupied seats (e.g. 10 occupied seats out of 30)
  • Courses 
  • Total Enrollments. This is the total number of times anyone has been enrolled in a course included in the seat offering.

Also, on the Seat offering management page, you can see the following:

  • Member
  • Occupying seat status of this user (Never Occupied a seat, Used to Occupy a seat, Currently on Seat).
  • Date of Seat Allocation
  • Last Login
  • Currently Enrolled courses 
  • Manage tab: You can hover under it to:
    • Add to a Seat: (applies to users that currently do not occupy a seat). When you click on add a seat, the Enroll User side form will appear, and you will be asked to choose none (so that the user will only be occupying a seat and will not be enrolled in any courses), one, or multiple courses to enroll the users in, and you will need to click on Add to the seat.
    • Remove from seat offering: (applies to users currently occupying a seat). The users will be unenrolled from all courses that they were enrolled in, and the seat will also be removed from this user.
    • Enroll on Courses:  You can enroll the user in all or some of the courses included in the seat offering.
    • Unenroll from Courses: You can unenroll the user from all your set courses or specific ones.

You can also edit the user if you wish for any additional user-related actions, independently from the Seat Offering context.

Delete Seat Offering

You can Delete a Seat offering, even if it has users. All the enrolled users are auto-unenrolled upon deletion.

Notifications Emails

You can enable the Notification email related to the Seat Offerings via CommunicationSchool Emails Admin Settings.

The email(s) given will be notified On course enrollment of a seat offering, hence for every enrollment that takes place in the Seat Offerings (one email per bulk seat user action).

Also, if you navigate to Communication →  School Emails Course Emails, you can choose whether a Notification email will be sent or not when a student is enrolled in courses of a Seat offering and modify the text of your message.

Note: Users will also receive the Notification email "When a learner is imported by admin" derived from the Registration Emails, to set their password. In case you have disabled this notification template, make sure to add the variable {{link}} on the Seat Notification Email, for users to get their password creation link.

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