You have the ability to import, enroll, unenroll, tag, suspend, or delete your users by file upload, directly from your All Users page.

Learning Center plan: Multiple selections and bulk actions are available

Pro plan:  Bulk Actions available are Add and Tag users

Starter plan: No access to bulk actions

Trial: No access to bulk actions

Hover over Bulk Actions, and choose the bulk action you wish to perform. For each action, there is an excel file that you can use. 


Bulk actions

Note: You can multiple select users and perform specific bulk actions, such as Enroll and Unenroll from a course, suspend or delete the users.

Note: In case you wish to resend the registration/activation mail to the imported users, then use the All users filter and choose Never logged in. That way a new button will appear. By clicking on the Re-send activation button, on the top of your page, the new users will receive the activation email.

Users Action log

You can see a record of your bulk actions log, by navigating to Report Center -> Users action log

On this page, you are able to see more information on the date the action was requested and finished, the status, and the type of the action. You will also be able to see the result of the action and download the failed file that includes detailed information about the reason for the failure.