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User Management - Bulk Actions

Pro Trainer
Learning Center
High Volume & Corporate

To streamline user management in LearnWorlds, you have the option to execute bulk actions, facilitating faster and more efficient administration of your users. With Bulk actions, you can BulkImport, Bulk Enroll, Bulk Unenroll, Bulk Tag, Bulk Suspend,Bulk Delete, Update progress, and Re-send activation link to users by uploading a .xls file directly from your User Management Page.

Plan Availability

Pro Trainer plan: Multiple selections (Delete, Anonymize, Re-send activation link), Bulk Import users, Bulk Tag users

Learning Center plan: Multiple selections and all Bulk Actions available

Bulk actions via File

Hover over Bulk actions and choose the bulk action you wish to perform. Each action offers a template excel file (.xls). You can download it, add the data, and re-upload it.

Multiple Selections

Alternatively, select multiple users and perform specific bulk actions. These user actions are:

  • Enroll
  • Unenroll
  • Update progress
  • Add tags
  • Remove tags
  • Add to user group/ seat offering
  • Suspend
  • Anonymize
  • Delete

Click on the users you wish and choose one of the available bulk actions. 


  • If you wish to resend the registration/activation mail to imported users, see the steps here
  • After clicking on Anonymize, the following message will appear informing on the following:

  • The personal data of these users will be removed from your school's database.
  • The users' names on all their posts, comments, sales records, analytics, etc., will be displayed as Anonymous.
  • The removal is permanent and cannot be undone.
  • The LearnWorlds admin will not be able to be anonymized, even if selected. The records of this action will be available in the Users actions.

On the User Action log page, you can see more information for your Bulk actions, such as the date an action was requested and completed, the status, and the type of the action. You can also see the result of the action and download if needed, the failed file that includes detailed information about the cause of the failure.

To find the records of your Bulk actions, navigate to Reports → Activity logs → Users Actions.

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