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How to Clone a LearnWorlds School

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Recognizing the pressing need for time-saving solutions and streamlined processes, we are delighted to unveil the remarkable feature of school cloning. By cloning your school:

a. You ensure consistency across schools 

b. Save time for recreating a school structure from scratch.

This functionality empowers Organization Owners and Super admins (with the respective permissions) to effortlessly duplicate their schools. 

Cloning is available only for schools on the Learning Center plans or higher. The created cloned school can only be upgraded to the Learning Center plan or higher.

Let's dive into the step-by-step process of cloning a school.

Clone your LearnWorlds school

1. Access your LearnWorlds school via LearnWorlds as an Organization owner or Super admin (if you have the relevant permissions).

2. Navigate to Schools.

3. Hover over the specific school you desire to clone and click on Clone school.

4. As you click on the Clone school button, a sideform will appear. This sideform serves the following purposes:

  • Add the new school domain.
  • Choose the Courses to clone.

You can clone all courses from the school or select specific ones. You can also specify if courses will stay in sync (this option is available with an additional add-on). You can find out more about course syncing in this article.

  • Select the school data that you wish to clone.
  • Take note of the mandatory data that is auto-selected by default.

5. When you are ready to proceed, click on Clone school.

  • It is not possible to clone a school that utilizes the legacy Pages Builder.
  • The ability to clone schools is exclusively available for those subscribed to the Learning Center or higher plans.
  • When cloning a school, you can only opt for the Learning Center or higher plans.
  • You are allowed to have a maximum of one non-purchased cloned school. To clone another school, you must either purchase a pricing plan or delete the existing cloned school.

  • Upon cloning a school, a new status called Cloned is assigned, which essentially functions as disabled. Until you purchase a pricing plan, you can only access the cloned school's Account & Billing page.

  • Cloned schools will have the same payment/billing details as the original school since they belong to the same organization.

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