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Activity Logs - How to Monitor your School's Events

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The LearnWorlds Events page gives you unparalleled control over your online school and provides real-time information about school activity. It is a great tool for keeping track of all the important events that take place in your school and offering better support to your users.

With it, you can monitor what is happening within your school and search for specific activities. Moreover, you can support your customers when they face problems since you can monitor their exact activities.

1. Go to Reports Center  Activity Logs and click on Events.

2. Or click See all on the Events Log section of your Dashboard to identify login activity, failed purchases, course enrollments, and a lot more. 

3. You can filter the activities by a wide range of filters, and under the More Info column, you can find details about users' IP, the browser used, operating system, and more.

Here is a table explaining how each filter works:

All activities
Shows all the activities of your users
1:1 session attendedShows the activities that were attended by the user 
1:1 session manually marked as attendedShows the activities that the admin/instructor marked as attended
1:1 session scheduledShows all of the scheduled 1:1 session activities
Affiliate Deactivated
Shows all affiliates that have been deactivated
Affiliate Payout
Shows all Affiliates who got paid
Award Certificate
Shows all certifications earned along with users' names, certification names, and course name
Complete course
Shows all users that have completed the course
Drip Feed Section Unlocked
Shows all drip-feed section unlockings along with the section and course that the feed belongs to and the corresponding user

Email Verified

Shows all users that completed the verification email process
Enrollment in free courseShows all users that have been enrolled in a free course
Failed Purchase
Shows all failed purchases along with the item's name, the reason for failure, and corresponding user
Shows all users that have followed another user along with their name
Group session attendedShows all Group sessions that were attended
Group session manually marked as attendedShows all Group sessions that were manually marked as attended by the school admin
Group session scheduledShows all the Group sessions that have been scheduled so far
Installment paid
Shows users that have paid their installments
Installment payment failed
Shows users that their installment payment failed
Shows all user logins in your school along with their connection location info
Shows all user logouts of your school
Log in as a user
Shows the name and IP address of the user that logged in to another user's account as well as the date and time of the event (available on our Learning Center plans or higher)
Log out from a userShows the name and IP address of the user who logged out from another user's account as well as the date, time, and duration of the event (available on our Learning Center plans or higher)
Manually completed progress
Shows the name of the user whose course progress is manually changed, the course or the learning activities that are marked as completed, and by whom.
Manual Enrollment
Shows all manual enrollments by the admin as well as the item of enrollment and the corresponding user
New Affiliate
Shows all users who have become affiliates
New Affiliate Manual
Shows all users who have manually enrolled in the Affiliate Program
Payment plan canceled
Shows user data on users who have canceled a payment plan
Payment plan completed
Shows all users that have completed their payments in a payment plan
Shows all user posts in the community
Post Comment
Shows all user comments on a post in the community or in a learning activity
Post Like
Shows all user likes on a post in the community or in a learning activity
Shows all purchases along with the purchased item and corresponding user
Shows all user registrations to your school
SCA-related events
Shows all SCA-related events
Subscription Signup
Shows all new subscription registrations along with additional information
Subscription Trial
Shows all users who are enjoying a Trial Period in a subscription plan
Subscription Trial Expired
Shows all users whose Trial Days are expired
Subscription Changed
Shows user data for any changes made in their subscription plans
Subscription Renewal
Shows all subscription renewals along with subscriptions' names and corresponding user
Subscription Cancelled
Shows all subscription cancellations, cancellation dates, and subscription title
Subscription Scheduled Cancellation
Shows user data on scheduled subscription cancellations
Subscription Re-activated
Shows all users that have re-activated their subscription
Two-Factor Authenticated
Shows all users that have been authenticated using 2FA
Two-Factor Setup Completed
Shows if the setup for the 2FA feature is completed
User Role changeShows who changed the user role and information on the specific user that the role was modified (username, user email, user role change)
User suspendedShows all users that have been suspended
Visit Course    
Shows all user visits to a course along with its name

For the Manual Enrollment events, you can see all enrollments and enrollments related to the Bulk Seat Management feature.

4. You can also export the data in CSV or XLS format. 

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