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How to Utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) to Create Mass Emails

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In LearnWorlds, you can use the mass emails feature to send emails in bulk to your users directly from your LearnWorlds School. This tool simplifies the process of applying specific filters and targeting a large group of users who meet the defined criteria.

In this article, you can learn how to utilize the powerful AI assistant to craft your emails based on email templates, refine them, and even translate your mass emails into different languages. This approach can help you enhance efficiency and conserve valuable time.

You can choose LearnWorlds as your AI (Artificial Intelligence) provider for access to outstanding AI features, with AI credits determined by your subscription plan. In addition to our AI assistant, we give you the option of connecting your own OpenAI provider.

To locate and utilize the robust AI assistant in your school's mass emails:

1. Navigate to Communication → Mass emails

2. Click on New email to start creating your emails. If you want to edit an already scheduled email, you can click on Scheduled emails and then click on the edit option under the three dots by hovering over the email.

Craft Emails using Email Templates

With the help of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Assistant, you can generate emails from scratch based on email templates, that include school announcements, course update emails, or a live session update. You can set the goal, use keywords for the email, edit the tone of voice (i.e., friendly), and even add a call to action.

Edit Emails

When creating a new email, default text is typically provided. Feel free to modify the default text or your added email text using our AI assistant to make it more engaging, professional, or unexpected. Consider adjusting the tone, style, length, or content to better suit your message and audience.

Translate Notification Emails

With the help of the AI assistant, you can also translate the Emails into the language you desire.

After generating, editing, or translating your school's Mass Emails utilizing AI assistant, make sure that the email variables are in the correct format {{variable}} and/or email links are added correctly.

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