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How to Manage your LearnWorlds Schools

Whether you're catering to diverse learning groups, different languages, various departments within a large organization, or even collaborating with external partners, LearnWorlds gives you the power to create and manage multiple schools with ease.

There is an additional layer of access for admins in an organization:

Organization owner: The admin who creates the first school of the organization (a cluster of schools) and can even Clone and Delete schools. 

Super admin: A user created by the organization owner with specific permissions within the organization. Depending on the permissions assigned, the super admin can see their assigned schools in the Multiple Schools Dashboard and create, clone, and delete schools.

If you wish to find out more about the LearnWorlds Multiple schools option, navigate to our respective article. 

In this article, we will dive into the options available under My account Manage multiple schools in the LearnWorlds schools dashboard. 

Schools Overview 

If you sign in via LearnWorlds or log into your LearnWorlds school and click on Manage multiple schools under the three dots in My account, you land in the LearnWorlds Schools Dashboard. 

By navigating to the multiple schools, you can see a list of your created schools (original or cloned), which could be either trial accounts or activated subscriptions, search for a created school, and manage your LearnWorlds multiple schools. 

Only schools that are Learning Center plans or higher, can be cloned.

Create a LearnWorlds School

  • As an Organization owner, you can create LearnWorlds schools via the LearnWorlds Dashboard by clicking on Create a school under Schools. On the sideform that appears, you will need to add the new domain for the school and continue with the creation wizard. 
  • As a Super Admin, you can create LearnWorlds schools via the LearnWorlds Dashboard If you have the available permissions by clicking on Create school under Schools. If you already own a LearnWorlds school, while creating a new school it is required to select the organization it will be under. Once the Organization and New school domain are added, continue with the creation wizard. 

  • Organization owners in all plans can create new schools, which are treated as trial schools until you upgrade to a paid plan. 
  • You can simultaneously have up to 3 non-purchased trial schools.

Visit / Upgrade / Delete a LearnWorlds School

  • While on the Schools page, you can visit your desired LearnWorlds school, by hovering over it and clicking on Go to school. You can also Preview the school's home page by hovering over the school and clicking on the "eye" icon. 
  • You can click on the Upgrade button to upgrade or purchase a paid plan.
  • You can only Delete schools that do not have a paid plan. For the schools that have a pricing plan, you will need to follow the cancellation path via the school. Keep in mind that the deletion process may take some time to take effect.
  • Find the School ID you can use to connect your Zapier account with your LearnWorlds school. You can also locate the School ID in your LearnWorlds school Dashboard under School info.  

Clone a LearnWorlds School

You can clone a Learning Center plan or higher school as an organization owner or a super admin (with the relevant permission). To clone a school, navigate to the respective Learning Center or higher school under Schools, and click on Clone school.

You can find out more about the cloning process by navigating to our respective article

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