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How to Upload SCORM files and HTML5 Packages to your Courses

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A Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a set of technical criteria for eLearning software products. It is a .zip file that contains a single course activity or a whole course packaged in a standardized format. SCORM files are created based on specific standards, which makes them work across different Learning Management Systems. 

HTML5 Multimedia Packages

HTML5 packages are essentially interactive websites loading inside a cloud LMS like LearnWorlds. The difference from previous iterations is the native support of interactive elements and video playback, making it suitable for e-learning.

If you wish to find out more about SCORM files, their benefits, and their purpose, navigate to this blog article.

In this article, we will dive into the SCORM/HTML5 learning activity creation process and provide some important considerations and tips in uploading your SCORM or HTML5 files in your courses.

Create a SCORM/HTML5 Learning Activity

To create a SCORM/HTML5 activity:

1. Go to your course's Contents → Course outline.

2. Click on Add activity under a course section.

3. Choose the SCORM/HTML5 Package activity under Multimedia.

4. Give a title to your activity and click Save or Save and Edit to make changes immediately. 

Upload your SCORM/HTML5 files

1. While hovering around the created SCORM/HTML5 learning activity, click on Settings (if you have clicked on Save and Edit in the activity creation process, skip this step).

2. Upload your SCORM/HTML5 Package. The supported file types for our platform are:

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 3rd Edition
  • SCORM 2004 4th Edition
  • Captivate CAM 1.3 zip package
  • HTML5

3. Once your SCORM file has been uploaded, two buttons below will appear to Use SCORM Completion Rules or enable the Student time on an activity.

a. Use SCORM completion rules: This allows you to track if this learning unit is completed based on the rules you have included in the SCORM file. Ensure your package includes all the related rules for this functionality to work properly.

b. Student time on activity: This allows you to track the total time your users spend in your SCORM learning activity. For this functionality to work properly, ensure all the needed settings are configured in your SCORM file.

These two functionalities are available only for SCORM but not for HTML5 files.

Requirements and Guidelines

  • Make sure that the manifest file is included in the .zip file. This manifest file contains XML that describes the structure of a course both from a learner’s perspective and from a physical file system perspective and is required for the SCORM to be valid. Be sure to test the learning activity and see how it works before releasing it. Press on the Preview course player on top of your screen to preview the course and its SCORM learning units.

  • If you need to capture and report users' performance in your school, you should use the Graded SCORM Package learning activity (available in the Pro Trainer plan or higher).
  • The Pro Trainer plan supports 20 SCORM files (up to 400 MB per SCORM file and up to 2GB total size for all the SCORMs). The Learning Center and higher plans offer the advantage of unlimited SCORM file uploads (up to 400 MB per SCORM file).
  • Trials can upload up to 3 SCORM packages with a 400 MB size limitation per SCORM file.
  • For individual SCORM package uploads, there is a size limit of 400MB per file.
  • If you have a custom domain connected to your school, and more specifically Cloudflare, it may block big SCORM uploads for small packages. You can disable the Cloudflare proxy (switch to DNS only) to upload the SCORM file.

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