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How to Copy and Paste Page Sections and Widgets between Pages

You can copy and paste a section or widget you have created on another page or another position to the same page. This is useful, especially in cases where you have spent quite some time customizing a particular element, and you want to use it again.

1. Go to Site Builder → Edit School Site and navigate to the page you wish via the Pages Manager

2. Select the section or widget you want to copy.

3. Click on Copy at the top of the sideform.

4. Go to any other page and paste this element. To paste it below another section/widget, click on the other element and select Paste below at the top of the sideform.

- If you want to copy and paste all the sections of a page or clone a page, check this article
- The Course Hero section is available only on the course layout pages of your school because it is dedicated to the respective course, so the section cannot be copied.

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