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How to Set Up a Contact Form in your Pages

In this article, we'll delve into the process of incorporating and configuring a contact form on your website. A contact form serves as a crucial communication tool, allowing visitors to reach out to you easily and conveniently. Whether they have inquiries, feedback, or collaboration proposals, a well-designed contact form streamlines the communication process and enhances user experience. 

To add a Contact Form Section:

1. Go to WebsiteDesign Edit Website.

2. Choose your Contact page or any other page you wish to add a contact form, from the Pages Manager

3. Click on +Add section to add one of our available Contact Forms Section.

4. Add your contact details and edit the before/after submit view. 

5. Hit Save

You cannot include additional fields in the contact form.

Editing View (Before/After Submit)

To edit the view before and after the form's submission:

1. Hover your mouse over your form and click on Edit form status

2. In the Sideform, the Editing view will appear. Select the view you want to edit Before/After submit.

Set your Notification Email

All messages sent through a contact form will be received at the email address set in your Admin settings.

1. Navigate to Settings School emails Admin settings

2. In Notify e-mail, add your email and click on Save

Email address

The visitor could click on your email address and have their mail activated with your address already filled in.

1. Select the email address and click on Actions  On clickGo to  Email in the sideform.

2. Once you select Email, type in your email address under Give Input. Click on Save to save your changes.

If you need more information on our Links Manager, you can check this article.

For example, clicking on the email opens my default email app (it’s called “Thunderbird”; it can be “Mail” by Apple on your Mac), with the recipient email address “” already chosen. 


If you would like to add a phone to your contact form:

1. Select the phone box and click on Text Content to add your phone number.

2. Then click on  Actions On click Go to URL in the sideform and insert your phone after adding the following variable → tel:+

If users navigate to your contact form through a mobile device, they will be navigated to the phone panel to call the number. If they click on it through their desktop device, they will be re-directed to their desktop mobile app if they have one.

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