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How to Customize the Sign In/Up Forms of your Online School

Sign-in/up forms are the starting point of navigating to your school in a personalized manner and should inspire a sense of security.  Enrolled users will be prompted to enter their email and password while first-time users will need to create an account. 

1. To select a form, navigate to Site Builder  Site design → Sign in/up Forms.

2. We offer 8 different designs. You can choose a form from 4 categories: solid, transparent, split with Image, and with extended social login buttons. You may select a dark or white background for each category.

These designs are applied in both Sign-in and Sign-up forms. A user can, also, access the Sign-up form by clicking on Create Account in the bottom left corner of the Sign-in form.

In case, you would like to edit the Sign-up fields you need to navigate to Site Builder → Site settings → Sign in/Sign up. You can find more detailed information about the customization of the Sign-up form in the articles below:

How to Add Custom Sign up Fields in the Sign Up Form

How to manage your Login/Sign up Settings

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