If you want to have full control of when or even how many of your potential students can sign up or log in to your school, worry no more. From now on you are able to manage the login/sign up, setting as you wish. Do you want to prepare your school and enable the sign up/log in button when you are done with the preparations and launch your school? Do you want to disable the sign-up field for a period of time? Do you want to give access to your school only to your paid learners? No matter what your plans are, keep in mind that everything is feasible.

Settings: Login

Let’s see how easy it is to manage your login settings:

1 First, from your admin menu, go to your “Site Builder” and choose the “Sign in/up" option. 

2Login process

Now you have two options regarding the login process. If you want anyone to be able to login into your school you can choose “Login is enabled for everyone.”. Otherwise, if you want to disable the login setting you can click on “Login is disabled. Only admins can login. Νο one can sign up.” and only users with admin accounts will be able to login into your school.

When a user other than the admin, clicks on the “Sign in” button and tries to log in, will receive the “Login has been disabled” message.

3Sign up process

You have the ability to specify whether the users will be able to sign up to your school according to your convenience. You have three choices to go, let the signing up open to anyone, only through a 1-click sales funnel section (from where your potential customers can provide, in a single pass, all the information needed to complete a purchase), or disable the sign-up field add your users only manually.

You can do so by clicking on “Anyone can sign up”, “Anyone can sign-up but only through 1-click sales funnel” or “No one can sign up. I will add my users manually” respectively. 

By continuing with the “Anyone can sign up” or “Anyone can sign up but only through a 1-click sales funnel” option you can enable the fields of sign up (and set them as required or not, besides the name, email, and password which are already mandatory).

You might wish to add your own sign-up fields, if that's the case don't fret, we have this covered as well!

Below the Signup fields option, you can find the Custom signup fields option.

You can find more information on the custom sign-up fields right here.

Mind that in case you have selected “Login is disabled. I will add my users manually” in the Login Process, the choices “Anyone can sign up” and “Anyone can sign up but only through a 1-click sales funnel” will be disabled too. :) Since you have chosen to disable the login process to your school no one will also be able to sign up, so “No one can sign up. I will add my users manually” will be enabled by default.

With these features, not only you can make it simpler for your students to sign up or enter your school, but also you can control whether and to which it will be accessible for learning just by selecting to enable or disable the login process. So, if you maybe need to buy some time to prepare your material or to finalize your customizations, why should you rush? Keep your school closed by selecting “Login is disabled. Only admins can log in. No one can sign up” and allow the logging in whenever you feel prepared!

Once everything is set up and you are ready to welcome your learners inside your school and let them have access to your content you can choose “Login is enabled for everyone.” 

If you would like your potential learners to take a look into your school you can click on “Anyone can sign up” and let them have a taste of the user interface, their profile, and many other features of your school. In case you want only your paid learners to have access to your school you can click on “Login is enabled for everyone” and “Anyone can sign-up but only through 1-click sales funnel”. In case you want to disable the sign up for new learners because for example you have reached the maximum number of users you want in your school you can click keep the login for everyone enabled but click on “No one can sign up. I will add my users manually.”. In this way, the users that have already signed up will continue to log in to your school and new users will not be able to create a new account through the sign-up form unless you manually enroll them.  Keep in mind that you can change the preferences of login whenever you wish!

Please note that the text for login or/and sign up is the default. You can easily change the text if you navigate in your admin menu, click on “Settings” and then “School language”. From the top bar select the “common” page and change the text as you wish. For example, if you have disabled the sign-up field you can change the “Sign in/up” field with “Sign in” only.

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