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How to manage your Login/Sign up Settings

Click on Site Builder Sign in/up:

Login process

You have two options regarding the login process. 

  • If you want anyone to be able to login into your school you can choose Login is enabled for everyone. 
  • If you want to disable the login setting you can click on Login is disabled. Only admins can login. Νο one can sign up. and only users with admin accounts will be able to login into your school.

When a user other than the admin, clicks on Sign in and tries to log in, will receive the Login has been disabled message.

Sign up process

You have the ability to specify whether the users will be able to sign up to your school according to your convenience. You have three choices to go, let the signing up open to anyone only by buying a product first through a payment page or disable the sign-up field add your users only manually.

Note: In case you have selected Login is disabled. I will add my users manually in the Login Process, the choices “Anyone can sign up” and “ Anyone can sign up, however only by buying a product first through a payment page.” will be disabled too.  Since you have chosen to disable the login process to your school no one will also be able to sign up, so “No one can sign up. I will add my users manually” will be enabled by default.

Note: The text for login or/and sign up is the default. You can easily change the text if you navigate in your admin menu, click on Settings Site Language. From the top bar select the Common page and change the text as you wish. For example, if you have disabled the sign-up field you can change the “Sign in/up” field with “Sign in” only.

Social logins and Sign up fields

For the Sign-up fields and Social logins, you can check our respective article

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