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How can Users Schedule Meetings using Calendly

One-on-one tutoring, webinars, private course, student coaching, class meeting, or open discussion. There are really several reasons to include Calendly in a course and schedule a meeting.

You can add a Calendly meeting calendar in a course as an embed learning activity by following the following steps:

1Visit Calendly, sign up, or log in to your account.

2To embed your personal scheduling page, click on Share Your Link, located at the drop-down menu.

3In the popup window that appears, click Embed on Your Website.

4Choose the Inline type of embed. Click on Copy Code and close the popup window.

Embed it in your course

1Create an embed learning activity in your selected course.

2. Paste the embedded code.

This is the page your users will use to schedule a personal or team meeting with you.

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