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How to Connect your OpenAI (Artificial Intelligence) Provider

Pro Trainer
Learning Center
High Volume & Corporate

Discover the future of teaching and writing with our AI Assistant! Whether you're crafting a Course Outline, authoring Ebooks, developing Assessment questions, or offering feedback on Assessments, our AI Assistant is your partner in innovation. Utilizing our AI Assistant, you can unlock endless AI possibilities to revolutionize your teaching and writing experience.

Apart from our AI assistant, you can connect your OpenAI provider by following the steps in this article. 

To connect your AI provider:
1. Navigate to Settings  Integrations  AI

You can choose LearnWorlds as your AI provider for access to outstanding AI features, with AI credits determined by your subscription

AI Prompts per Plan

Trial - 100/month

Starter - 300/month

Pro trainer - 500/month

Learning Center - 1000/month

High Volume - 2000/month

If you wish to request more credits, contact our support team by submitting a support ticket.

2. Choose Open AI to connect your OpenAI provider. 

3. Optionally add the OpenAI Organization ID and click on edit to add the API key to connect your provider

Make sure to verify the Account Credits you have available on When you initially set up your account, it comes with a certain amount of credits.

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