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How to Craft School Email Notifications Using AI (Artificial Intelligence)

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In LearnWorlds, you can automate notification emails to be sent to your users when certain key events take place, such as course enrollment, registration, subscription renewal, and more.

This article is a guide to crafting your school's Notification Email outlines with the aid of our powerful AI assistant. By doing so, you can optimize efficiency and save valuable time.

You can choose LearnWorlds as your AI provider for access to outstanding AI features, with AI credits determined by your subscription plan. Apart from our AI assistant, we give you the option of connecting your own OpenAI provider.

To utilize our powerful AI assistant to craft your school's Email Notifications:

1. Navigate to Communication  School emails

2. Choose an email template and find the AI assistant widget button on the left side of the content toolbar.

You can find more information about the Notification Emails generated by your school here.

Generate Notification Emails

With the help of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Assistant, you can generate notification emails from scratch. You can set the goal of the notification, keywords for the email notification, and the tone of voice (i.e. friendly), etc. You can choose to regenerate, improve, expand, or shorten the prompt before inserting it. Once you insert the AI-generated content, you can delete the default email template and edit the new text accordingly.

Edit Notification Emails

There are default Notification Email templates relevant to the key event that triggers the email. 

Hence if you don't wish to generate new emails from scratch with AI, you can edit or rewrite the existing email templates, make them more catchy, serious, or surprising, analyze their tone or style, and shorten or expand them. 

Translate Notification Emails

With the help of the AI assistant, you can also translate the Notification Emails into the language you desire.

After generating, editing, or translating your school's Notification Emails utilizing our AI assistant, make sure that the email variables are in the correct format {{variable}} and/or email links are added correctly.

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