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How to Protect the Copyright of your Videos/PDFs/Ebooks - Watermarks

LearnWorlds uses domain-restricted access to your videos/PDFs and Ebooks, which makes the lives of potential copiers more difficult. With our Interactive Video Player, we offer you the option to add your logo, the user’s email, or even a user's unique ID as a watermark onto your video.

In order to activate those settings, navigate to Settings School SettingsCopyright Protection.

Video Watermark Settings

Under Video watermark settings you get the following options, available in the Learning Center plans or higher.

1. Display school logo: With this option on, your school logo will be displayed on each video. This way, even if your video is illegally distributed, it will be visible that it belongs to you. 

2. Display School name: This option displays the school name on each video. This way, it will be visible that the video is yours and is the property of your school.

3. Display user email: This option displays the email of the user/student who watches the video. This means that if you ever find your video uploaded somewhere online without your permission, you will be able to trace it back to the email of the user who leaked it. 

4. Display user ID (unique identifier): Similar to the user email idea, this option adds a unique ID to your video, depending on the user who watches it. 

5. You can place those elements anywhere, by editing the Video watermark position settings. You can let the watermark move randomly during the video due to the fact that the logo on an online video can be covered with a black area, hiding its original creator.

6. You can edit the Video watermark size and the Video watermark transparency.

The watermark is only available if you have chosen the Interactive LearnWorlds Video Player, under Player Appearance settings.

PDF Watermark Settings

You can choose what you want to display on the PDF file (School logo, school name, user email, user ID), where you want to display it (similar to the Video watermark settings), and change the PDF's watermark size, available in the Learning Center plans or higher.

For example, if you choose Diagonal Left and change the PDF's watermark transparency (30%, 60%, 80%, 95%), for instance, 60% transparency the result will look like this:


  • You can preview the changes you make with the video and PDF watermark, by clicking on Preview.
  • In case you upload PDF files that are password locked the watermark and security mechanism, would not be applied and the original file would be presented to the users.

Download - Copy - Print PDF Files

The PDF options below are available in all of our plans:

  • You can choose if you want to let students download your files. 
  • You can choose if you want to let students copy content from your PDFs (either from your course player or if downloaded).
  • You can choose if you want to let your users print your PDFs (either from your course player or if downloaded). This applies to Digital Downloads as well, if they are in PDF format.

If you select the options of downloading and printing, your users will be able to find the relevant buttons on their course player. 

These options apply to PDF files uploaded in the Attach file widget as well.

Ebook content copy

You can allow users to copy content from your Ebooks, by enabling the option under the Ebook content copy.

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