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How Can a New User Purchase a Course

In this guide, you will find more information on the purchasing process. This article refers only to new users, that wish to purchase a course.  A user can:

1. Create an account.

2. Navigate to the Start page.

3. Enroll in a course.

4. Receive the invoice.

Create an Account

The user's sign-up and the subsequent login is a mandatory requirement in purchasing a course. In order for a user to create an account in your school, they need to:

1. Visit your Home page.

2. Fill the Sign-up Form to create an account.

3. Click on Start your learning journey (you can always translate this text by editing the Site Language).

4. The user will automatically receive a Welcome Email in their email account. 

Note: You can also manually import a new user to your LearnWorlds school.

Navigate to the Start page (After Login page)

Once the account is created, the user will be redirected to the page you have set as the Start page (or After Login page) and this depends on your school navigation settings. In the Courses sections added to your Start page or any other page, the user can enroll in a course. 

Enroll in a course

1. Once the user chooses the course they wish to purchase they can click on Enroll and the system will redirect them to the specific course layout page or one of the following actions:

2. If you have chosen in your Course Cards as redirection "Go to checkout", the user will be directly navigated to the default Payment page. If you have chosen as redirection "Go to course overview" and users clicks on the automatic Enroll button, they will be then redirected to the Payment page.

3. On the Payment page they can fill in their payment details and clicks on Buy (in this case, for testing purposes, we have enabled the Sandbox mode and the card credentials are automatically filled. For more info about the Sandbox mode click here).

4. If you have enabled the enrolling in a paid course notification email, the user will receive an email with the invoice included.


The invoice will be sent to the user via the Enrollment Notification email. Users can find and download their invoices in their personal accounts as well.

Best Practices

  • In order to minimize the steps for the account creation, you can use a 1-click-sales funnel so that users can sign-up and purchase a course at the same time.
  • In case you want to create a school with only one course, you may head over to your Site Builder and click on Navigation→ Start Page (after login page) → Select a course description page.

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