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How to Edit your 'Login as a User' Email Notifications

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A user or team member from your school may be experiencing difficulties or requiring assistance, and they have contacted you seeking a solution to their request.  In such a case, you have the option to Login as a User to further troubleshoot and replicate their case. 

You can choose if the moment you log in to the respective user's account, the user will receive a Notification Email informing them that someone is trying to troubleshoot an issue and hence have logged in within their account.

To set this up, navigate to Communication School emails and click on Log in as user to see the respective email.

Click on the email template to enable or disable the email notification. After selecting your preferred one, you can edit the subject and content of the email. You can include links and specific variables that will automatically fill in the correct data. Additionally, utilize our AI assistant to refine and enhance the text.

- If you wish to edit the links/variables of your Email Notifications, follow the steps in this article.
- You can track who has used this feature by navigating to Reports  Activity logsEvents, and choosing the Log in as a user or Log out from a user (filter). For more information, check this article.

- You can enable the option and specify which email address will receive a Notify email when a user logs in to another user's (admin, instructor, reporter) account. Go to Communication School emails Admin Settings. There you can add the respective email address and enable the Log in as this User trigger.

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